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Blues should look to Rooney as an explosive and high profile appointment

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There is little doubt that after two Championship games since football restarted, Birmingham City are in no man’s land.

Manager leaving, a mighty threadbare squad and the chances of making a genuine push up the league at zero – Blues need a quick fix to wake up.

We currently need a new Manager/Coach who can make a difference and can restore some respectability to B9. As we stand we are at a very dodgy crossroads, with names bandied around bordering on the ordinary and the ‘has-beens’.

My view is we should boldly go and offer Wayne Rooney the job of replacing Pep Clotet. Provided Rooney has obtained the necessary badges etc, this appointment would be welcomed by supporters.

He would bring a much needed higher profile to the club and therefore a greater chance of attracting the right sort of players to take the club further. We need to break free of the stale and the ordinary in terms of this next very important appointment.

Names such as Robins, Clough and even dear old Chris Hughton, smacks of yesteryear and old hat.

Rooney would be ideal and like Bruce, who joined us relatively new to management after years at Manchester United, would bring a pedigree of class. Yes, he would need help and possibly an elder statesman alongside him, but nevertheless this move by Blues would work. Also, I am sure most Bluenoses would buy into it.

What we mustn’t get drawn into is offering this vacant job to an under the radar type who would probably aim at stability only. Rooney I feel, like Gerrard and Lampard, could make this new managerial starter a success.

Would he be tempted? Would he want to come to St.Andrews? – you can only ask.

If Ren and co were successful with such an approach, it would swiftly get the fans back on board. Rooney has a desire for management and B9 is tailor-made for him.

Would You Gamble On Rooney As The Next Manager?

Why Not?

Why Not?

Would Be A Disaster

Would Be A Disaster

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  • Paul Hodges says:

    It has been a long time since I have read such complete nonsense.
    It would be a complete disaster – are you a Villa fan?
    He is a womaniser and a troublemaker who has always been overrated and he has no experience.

    I’d rather have Colleen she seems to have her head screwed on unlike her husband and she is loyal which is more than can be said for Wayne.

  • Smithy says:

    ROONEY anytime. He would bring loads of experience and players of quality.

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    What a lot of bullocks. Rooney Hahaha .
    Would raver have Tinky Winky from the Teletubbies.

    • Chris Martin says:

      The reason Rooney went to Derby was because he was offered a player/coach role so he’s contracted to them. He has NO managerial experience which is not what we need right now. I’ve been wrong before but I honestly don’t see him making a good manager, look at Zola brilliant player but couldn’t manage a cup of tea!!

  • Charles says:

    He has his badges and he is making a difference at Derby. He doesn’t like losing and he is ambitious. Better him than the dreadful dross of names that are popping up.

  • John flavel says:

    No thanks he is no manager/coach he can barely speak English he is unintelligible. How would players know what he is talking about. How would he get his point across he has zero qualities zero man managemont skills. May as well be speaking to Rab C Nesbitt.

  • tracey tyler says:

    All great comments,personally I would like to see Bowyer get our job ,think he done a great job at Charlton, Robins has also done really well at Coventry but think Bowyer would be a good fit for us, but it depends how much the board will let anyone who gets the job be his own man.

  • Stephen says:

    What a clown! Why is this in my BCFC Newsnow. What utter bollox; why is vitalblues even still a thing. Woeful.

    • Barry says:

      Reason we read Vital is because it does give us a break from real life. Bray and Baldwin may sound like solicitors but they put something into our daily routine. Rooney by the way will make a good manager and we as a club will be the losers again.

      • Matthew Baldwin says:

        I think I speak for both Mitchell and myself when I say I wish we were paid like solicitors for doing this, but thank you for your kind comments.

  • Jimmy says:

    What nonsense. Like Zola another big name joke story. Don’t want Rooney , Gerrard or Maradona come to think of it.

    Get Lee Bowyer.

  • malcolm x says:

    Honest opinion here. Blues are now at the level of a League 1 perception in terms of how the club is being run, and consequently we will only attract a lower level of manager. In other words the likes of Clough,Robins(I
    know Coventry have been promoted,but look at his previous record) etc. Thanks to the owners no real quality manager will join us,and so we will continue to trade yet again as the. poor relations of football

  • williammorgan says:

    since he has been to derby he has raised them up . excellent choice .you need high profile to sign high profile .

  • smithys paint it blue says:

    Whats all the fuss about! Were not going to get anyone decent so lets just relax and accept were a music hall joke that will only attract sub standard managers, you know what I mean

  • brushstrokesinparadise says:

    In fairness theres some talented managers in non league that we should consider. They have to start somewhere and were at rock bottom so why not, it could be a blessing for the long term

  • Gary says:

    Derby fan here,why would he go to a club in trouble?
    He’s been amazing at Derby.all you brum fans saying no only because he’d Never be interested anyway!!!!

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