Date: 5th October 2019 at 7:00am
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I didn’t expect to see one of our players ever linked with a club this size, but here we are.

According to a report in The Sun, Bayern Munich are interested in signing young Jude Bellingham.

There’s been a bit of a surge in young British players making the move to Germany recently, such as Jadon Sancho, Ethan Ampadu and Rabbi Matondo, and it looks as if our young Jude could be set to join them if the German giants get their way.

I spoke a couple of weeks ago when Liverpool were reportedly interested in buying him that we needed some sort of clarity on his situation. Well it appears as if we could be about to enter a bidding war for his services, which to me means that getting him tied down to a long-term contract becomes our number one priority when it comes to off the pitch matters.

As much as I would like him to spend his whole career at St Andrew’s and carry on breaking records, because everyone loves to see ‘one of their own’ flourish in front of them, I think we can all agree that every player has a price, and there comes a point when you just have to let a player go for the good of the club.

Whether is future lies in the second city or somewhere else, the fact of the matter is that we need to get him tied down as soon as we can for as long as we can. At least this way we will have a much more coherent plan when and if a bid ever does come for him.

What would you do if you were in the board’s situation? Would you let Bellingham be sold? Or do you think that he has the potential to stay in B9 for a long time to come and we should reject any offers that come in for him?

And before anyone comes back with the funny response, ‘sack Pep Clotet’ isn’t an available option.

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4 Replies to “Blues’ resolve set to be tested as bid could be about to come in for youngster – Report”

  • Why would we want to sell a young player at a time when his price is only just starting to rise , why would we sell a young player who is part of a young team that is starting to look like premiership written all over it with a bit of tweeking when you consider what championships get compared to the premiereship clubs .the game against Boro for me brought back the passion skill and possibilities of prem football not seen for a while ..blues owners must not turn into owners that use excuses to sell every quality young player that blues produce ..if they cant afford to run the club in the first place then they should sell up ..not that I want that as they are showing more bottle than any owners that we have seen at Stans TTA for a long while …

  • The best option for Jude is to stay at Blues and develop. He seems a sensible lad living the dream playing for the club he supports. Many youngsters have gone chasing the £££ and not made it to disappear into obscurity. Remember Nabay Foday. Despite the debts the board must resist selling as Jude’s value will only rise and rise. The best option for the board is to tie him on a long term contract so at least maximise any offers.

  • Yes I think the most important thing with the young players, is giving them long-term contracts. which keeps them at the club and keeps prying eyes and big Clubs away from them. Because at the moment we are starting to look like the team that we set out to be and to stay on track we need our best players. The club must give them contracts.

  • I am not a Clotet fan but great to see the youngsters getting a chance – something that didn’t happen under Monk!!

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