Date: 13th August 2019 at 8:00am
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Since the Blues had their League Cup game last week, the only game for us to talk about between now and Saturday will be the Under-23s.

Now I know not a lot of people pay much attention to U23 games, the fact that they let season ticket holders in for free tells you that they don’t expect people to be willing to pay to go and see the kids play. However, there are occasionally a few stories that come out of it that make you sit back, take notice and ponder about a few things.

Like yesterday for instance, the U23’s played out a 1-1 draw against a Crystal Palace side that contained a few well known ‘senior’ players. However, I couldn’t help notice who was on the bench for the young Blues, that was Moha Ramos. Yes I pay attention to substitutes for academy sides, I am that nerdy.

Whilst it is only their first game, and there will be plenty of opportunities for him to play further down the line, I do think that it is slightly concerning that they don’t want to play him at every single available opportunity. As Homer Simpson so eloquently put it when talking about borrowed things; ‘It’s like a rent-a-car, son. You get all the mileage you can, then ball it up and cram it through the mail slot.” Which is exactly how they should be utilising Ramos. That’s why I argued last week that he should have played at Fratton Park in the League Cup.

Even in the U23 team, you’ll still learn more from him playing than you would if he was on the bench. Goalkeepers like Heurelho Gomes and David De Gea had struggles when they first came to England, so the quicker you can get him adapted to it the better. Plus, if he makes a mistake here, it’s not going to be blown up for the world to see or cost you three points that could mean the difference between staying up or going down at the end of the year.

If this was a multi-year deal, then I would be OK with bedding him in slowly, but we’ve only got him for a limited time, so we need to see as much of him as we can. His loan deal state that the club have the option to buy him next summer, but if he doesn’t get enough opportunities to impress, then this whole thing would have been a waste of time.

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9 Replies to “Blues’ potential future star should not be rotting on the bench, get him in the game – Opinion”

  • Are you not jumping the gun again?
    Its one game so rotting on the bench isn’t really an accurate description.
    They must have a plan otherwise they wouldn’t of done the deal
    Maybe he’s carrying a knock or will play alternate games?

  • Agree with that. Stockdale has looked poor and will be gone at the end of the year. Lee Camp will probably get another year if he continues his good form but nothing can be taken for granted when you see how Michael Morrison was handled after his best ever season. Ramos is supposed to be a very good keeper and we need to be playing him so he can take over from Camp. I think Ramos should be on the first team bench.

  • agreed its 1 game. why make something out of nothing. they might be helping him bed in first and learn a bit of english etc. I have read up on this kid and I am surprised ZZ has let him go as he rates him highly. He is a bit raw and will need more english game time to get him used to being pushed around and bullied by big centre forwards. time will tell but sotckdale did look awful in the cup and camp is playing well but for how long. he is a very average back up keeper in my view

  • I disagree,what message do you think that could give to Trueman and other blues youngsters? (Who have gone through preseason preperations.)
    What message do you think that could send to Ramos himself?
    If we want to improve as a whole squad the players need to know they’ll be given a fair shot and that the person coming knows he’ll have to fight to take that place on their merit’s not just their past reputation.
    It’s a long season his chance will come,but importantly both Trueman and Ramos will be better because of the way they have been managed correctly and fairly.

  • It’s not the game time he needs to be looked at obviously they’re looking at him. In terms of his training bringing him up to speed. Fitness levels etc.

    But they can’t just bring him in and drop Trueman like a hot potato. Everyone has to earn their place. Not just be handed it.

  • Connal Trueman got very little game time last year, and as Blues signed yet another goalkeeper, I was sure they would loan Trueman out to get game experience. But that doesn’t seem to have happened. So I take it Ramos will be getting game time in a younger side, otherwise what on earth was the point of signing him.

  • I was at Palace on Monday and hoped to see Ramos (and Gimenez). Trueman was outstanding and unlike Stockdale actually saved shots. He worked well with the two excellent centrebacks. The goal against was incredible and would not have been saved if we had had two goalies.

    Stockdale by way of contrast was poor with all three goals against Portsmouth. When he is in goal I never expect him to make a save. As for Ramos and Trueman, they should be on the first team bench and in the U/23’s alternately. Offloading Stockdale now will be difficult unless we can get him abroad in the next fortnight.

  • This all stems from Monk’s policy of not giving youngsters a chance. His handling of the goalkeeping situation was totally inept!

  • This all stems from Monk’s policy of not giving youngsters a chance. His handling of the goalkeeping situation last seaon was totally inept!

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