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Blues player opens up about what has brought around change of form for both him and the team

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It can’t be too much of a coincidence can it?

When Gary Gardner came into the squad that results started to pick up a little bit more? Well maybe it is just a coincidence, but let’s not let that detract from a good story shall we?

The 27-year-old midfielder has been playing some of his best football in recent weeks, and whilst part of that comes down to the partnership that he’s developed with fellow defensive midfielder Ivan Sunjic, something that Blues boss Pep Clotet has been keen to point out, but also because of the words spoken to him by his brother, and first-team coach Craig.

Speaking to Birmingham Live, Gardner opened up about the two things that have been making him tick ever since coming back into the team on a regular basis:

“Me and Ivan bounce of each other, his work-rate is really good, my work-rate is good, I can drive with the ball now, that’s what I like to do. I have always said that, I want to drive, gets shots off, I have been working hard with my brother on my clips and Craig has really helped me – I am sure he will keep helping me. He pulled me and said ‘You have got more in you, you can drive forward and open your legs’. As you can see every game now I am trying to get a few in and hopefully that helps the team.”

It’s great to see that Gardner feels more confident in his abilities in what he can bring to the team, now he just needs to make sure that the rest of the team follow suit and keep making themselves better.

There’s a much more positive feeling around St Andrew’s than there was at the turn of the year, and a lot of that has come because of the play on the pitch resulting in this unbeaten run, and the longer that it keeps going, the more chance there will be of it carrying in to next season.

Is Gary Gardner our most important player?





As I’ve spoken about before, once Clotet managed to get a full team at his disposal, we’d be able to judge him properly, and now we are finally getting the rewards with him not being as hampered by injuries as he was earlier in the campaign.

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