Date: 14th November 2017 at 10:36am
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‘Everybody knows Redknapp had his own plan, his own thoughts about players and the way he wanted to play football and the way he looked at players who were here already’.

Reading between the lines, Maikel Kieftenbeld may have confirmed what we already knew. The contempt in which Harry Redknapp held the players he inherited caused obvious friction in the dressing room.

But for some players, that dejected feeling started long before Redknapp arrived. Gianfranco Zola’s attempt to introduce a flamboyant style of football didn’t wash with many of the same players. It seems that a loyalty to Gary Rowett coupled with individuals being asked to do what they felt incapable of doing by his replacement left a sour taste.

Redknapp came in, steered the ship to safety then back out to rocky waters once again. His comments after the defeat at Ipswich on the opening day of the season couldn’t have done much for morale. ‘I look at the bench, I’ve got nothing to bring on’. And that was more or less the theme of Redknapp’s post match interviews until he managed to embark on a deadline day spending spree.

After Redknapp’s tenure was bought to an abrupt halt following a home defeat to Preston, Lee Carsley was put in caretaker charge. Carsley got back to basics and the players felt valued again.

So with that in mind, Steve Cotterill cannot be blamed for sticking with the core of the squad who clearly have the biggest influence in the dressing room. His next task is to drum a tune out of them.

Last time out, Blues players were subjected to chants of ‘you’re not fit to wear the shirt’ by the 1,800 fans who travelled to Barnsley to watch another apathetic performance.

Nottingham Forest arrive at St. Andrews on Saturday in decent form. Cotterill has had the international break to dust his troops off and get rid of the cobwebs.

Blues are staring danger in the face once again and need results quickly. They have succeeded in adversity before and they now they must do it again.


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  • I personally have never felt when so down in the way blues have turned out , 15 million spent and yet those places still need filling a proven striker . A midfield general that can put a pass on a chìp çarton from 40 yards and score a few goals as well a left winger that can turn a defence inside out and score goals a centre back with pace and can play a bit to bring the ball out of defence ,a fullback to give competition , and we are still struggling . Three managers on ,and we still are not getting enough goals , still not getting enough shots on target , still lacking goals , for me we needed a manager like Pearson who has grit , and now another sale , to get back on track , with only the best players kept in January,,Come on get it on ..

  • David.Every point you made is valid. No midfield general,no winger who can dribble and pass and no striker who can score goals. Reality is that we have to drop a league to sort it all out.Even With the new recruits-and I include Jota are average at best.Poor buys,poor decision making and the result is woeful displays on a weekly basis..

  • £15m would just about get you a decent champ striker and clearly we felt an overhaul of the squad was the answer. I agree with Ohio, I think longer term maybe we would have been better off longer term had we been relegated in May, however with relegation comes job losses to those folk who work hard behind the scenes so for their sake it was vital we stayed up. We do not have the worst squad in this division, we need to find what works and stick with it and just finish 4th bottom and back to the drawing board in the summer.

  • When I look at the players we have got individually it is not a bad bunch. To start labelling the players as useless does not tell the full story. They are playing like a rudderless ship. If you look at the likes of Roberts, Dean, Jota, Ndoye, Gallagher etc they have all done well at previous clubs. So the question is what has gone wrong. We simply have not gelled as a team. I think a lot of the problems stem from HR not being able to get the players in quick enough. The tactics we are employing do not get the best out of the players.

  • Throwing almost £ the squad has simply not worked.Throwing more in January is not the answer.For me I would give Cotterill the chance and time to save us from relegation.Failure will result in a total refit of the whole Club-which may not be a bad thing.Surviving will show us that Cotterill has what it takes.Wast Hills will be the most important acreage for our players from now on,not only for the club’s survival but for the future of the players credibility.Strong leadership on all fronts needed.Strong captain on the pitch and strong no nonsense approach by our manager. Dean,Roberts and Morrison all have been leaders in recent seasons so let them show us what they can do in times of adversity and lastly let them show support and respect for our manager who obviously wants better times for the supporters.

  • I disagree Ohio we need to fill key components missing from the squad like a left footed defender, a creative midfielder/playmaker and most importantly a goalscorer. We needed the latter two before the season started and although Harry did bring some half decent players to bulk up the squad he didn’t address our shortcomings.

  • Ijaz.Under normal circumstances I would agree with you in regard to the positional slots that need replacing.However,this time around it isn’t the case.Our whole first eleven/14 players need a refit. We are a spent force in nearly every position,and I include Davis,Grounds,Gardner,Maghoma,Morrison,Jukey,and even Keifenbeld.Drastic yes but reality is that these players will not prevent a total meltdown by the beginning of next month. Cotterill needs to get through this season and do what he does best in a strong attempt to come back with a proper squad of hungry players.Jackett did it at Wolves,Heckingbottom did it at Barnsley and Wilder at Sheffield United. This group we have are simply mismatched no matter which way you play it.

  • When Rowett took over from Lee Clark the squad he inherited was much poorer than our current crop. It took him a few games to get us going. It just goes to show you how you can get a team to be effective with a bit of organisation. SC needs to address our shortcomings. We don’t create enough chances so we struggle to score goals. To create more chances we need to have more creative players on the field and get crosses whipped into the box. We need to get more bodies into the opposition box and cause them problems. Playing 3 defensive midfielders and a lone striker is not the way. Rowett used the lone striker to hold the ball up and get us further up the field and whenever possible get balls into the box. Under SC we are just too slow getting forward allowing the opposition to get back. The strikers are starved of service. No service means no goals. What annoys me most about SC is the inability to see where we are going wrong and learn. If it isn’t working try something different instead of the same sh#t again and again.

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