Date: 23rd January 2020 at 8:40pm
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Plodding through games and getting the odd point, describes Birmingham City well at the moment.

Apart from the Luton game, the last fifteen have produced very few points. Victories are rare and, sadly, supporters are expecting not a great deal more. The winning positions that Blues find themselves in, numerous, but seeing games out are not in our locker.

Clotet and co. may well feel we have turned the corner as is stated, but in reality we are stuck in the middle of the bottom clubs desperately trying to reach a point of safety and hopefully finishing with a mid-table slot.

Have we the players to reach a higher status in the league, and have we the know-how to get there is debatable at best.

At home, without Davis and Gardner in midfield, we look fragile, whereas away we do look more solid. The key question is whether you chop and change or stick to a formation that the team knows and plays to each week. Picking up the odd point when in winning positions is disheartening and needs addressing fairly quickly if this season is going to be resurrected.

We have the FA Cup, which may prove a Godsend for hope and take away the league stutterings, but a more thought out plan has to be worked on at Wast Hills for seeing games out. Mental attitude also has to be included in this.

February will be the testing month with games defining where we are likely to be, and come the frantic Easter period, clubs hovering at the lower end of the table will get desperate. Blues certainly don’t want that scenario.

My opinion is that with the games left, this season could turn for the good. Players with pace such as Bela should start every game regardless of the odd below par performance, Davis and Gardner likewise as a holding pair in midfield. Seventeen games is a decent number to have a go and get a healthy league position which is what most supporters want, but it can be a laborious number if we plod through them like treacle just picking up the odd points.

Clotet, if still around, needs to rethink this formation business and stick to a proper plan, and more to the point that we supporters relate to and understand. At the moment most other Championship clubs can bully us particularly at home with direct football. We have the players to succeed to a certain level which is the above the safety line, but my concern is that it’s this meagre points return from winning positions, that questions the Coaching staff’s ability to read the game and see us end the season on a high.

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8 Replies to “Blues getting into the habit of meagre pickings”

  • Points are certainly hard to come by lately and we must start turning winning positions into three points. Fragile defences and being overrun is the problem. Clotet’s style of football or more precisely RENs is not Championship material. Forest up next and a new rethink is needed. Stay as we are and we might take a lead but we know the likely outcome. Play experienced big guns and get those 45 points needed to start again next season.

  • When Ren gave Pep the manager role permanently it wasn’t based on results imo but because when we played Sheffield Wednesday the previous weekend our former manager Garry Monk took the piss out of Blues in his pre match press conference because of Pep’s job title. It really goes to show how useless and clueless Ren is and as a club we are going nowhere while this idiot is running things.

  • The performances are at a good level and the results will get better as the players and systems develop
    I ‘m enjoying watching this new phase and if injuries and bad referee decisions are taken into account this is a decent season and we will give some teams a pasting before it ends.

  • Every Club has injuries and bad decisions, I am afraid that cannot be used as a excuse especially when you have larger squads these days, look at Preston, Brentford they have injuries, suspensions, bad decisions but are doing fine. A couple of months ago Davis was not particularly flavor of the month and now he is the greatest thing since slice bread and Sunjic was potentially our player of the year, now he has lost favor , very fickle, just think that Clotet does not know his best Team, too many changes for me.Does anyone know what has happened in regards to Maddison ?????? Thats gone awfully quiet and I suppose we still have the famous three Stockdale,Grounds and Keita drawing salaries.

  • I personally can’t wait for Kieftenbeld to return for a start – add some passion. We cannot go on stubbling around and snatching draws/defeats out of the mouths of victory! I think Bela is a great player on his day and should start every game, I can’t understand why Crowley isn’t played more often – has he had a spat with Clotet perhaps? We desperately need another striker to help Juke, Gimenez just doesn’t cut it. I thought we were interested in Vydra at one point – he’d be a great addition, Ren put your hand in your pocket for once! and I agree with Tracey, what’s happened about Maddison?? Just to add, these are just my opinions so please don’t shoot me down.

  • Sorry to say Pep is not the White Knight we desperately need. He will probably be replaced in April ready for the usual Houdini act with a new manager. Chris Hughton should be in charge now – I am sure he would solve the goalkeeper and striker problem. Pep is out of his depth and is probably only there because he is so docile to the Chinese wishes. I lived and worked in China and you dont earn respect by kowtowing – be assertive, rational and logical and most importantly successful. He should do the right thing and recognise he cannot achieve.

  • This will depress you!

    We have lost in eight games where we were either winning (or in one case drawing – twice (Leeds).

    Had we been able to close them all out we would have had another 18 points and guess where we would have been? Just behind Leeds on goal diff.

    Hey Ho!


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