Date: 2nd October 2019 at 8:00pm
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As each week passes, Birmingham City fans slowly begin to see where we deserve to be in this league.

My dread of nearing the 15th spot is nearing reality. From then on we tend to compete with the lower six teams and the weekly ‘watch’ is right down there.

Negativity and depressive, of course it is, with a great pinch of ‘no hope’ thrown in as well. This group of players are decent enough to earn professional contracts with certain clubs and ours fall into that category, with a lower third Championship group. Anything higher would be unrealistic.

Criticism of Lee Camp is a constant pastime with yet another ‘dolly’ last night, putting even more blame on him for zero points, but the overall picture is one of urgent repair that involves the outfield’s inability to score goals and win games.

Obvious many will say, but you try and feed this simple logic to this squad. No doubt Clotet and Co. try this daily at Wast Hills. We desperately need a lift and quick, and bearing in mind what we have in our squad, Middlesbrough on Friday is tough.

Do we change and try to avoid a straight fourth defeat or do we go for an unlikely win, using younger talent in Bellingham and Bailey? Key decisions needed by the key people in charge.

My money would be on Clotet going for a point which is understandable but a risky choice should we go a goal down. We all want a feel good factor with our club and it is hard to achieve under current restrictions which all boils down to finances and not treading into further trouble.

This week’s finances, simply put by Almajir (Daniel Ivery) says it all, so we know our situation. In the meantime, we don’t like the situation we are in, we didn’t ask for it, but accept it we must.

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7 Replies to “Blues getting into deeper trouble with three straight defeats”

  • And how long would Gracia get before being hounded out? The owners want this style of play and it will need a lot of work and money to get it right regardless of manager, coach or goalkeeper.

  • Is it really the owners, or is it Ren? Lets face it the owners likely haven’t step foot in St Andrews since they brought the club. Whatever said if we loomed liks getting to the play off they probably wouldn’t mind what type of football was being played. It’s that arrogant Ren who thinks he knows something about football that caused all the problems over the last 30months

  • 3 at the back 2 Wing backs was the Masterplan but as with the Zola era Clotet and Co soon found out we did not have the players to implement it so it was binned a, No Plan B at all, panicked when we knew we needed a Winger so we bought a mercenary injury prone one and a Spanish second division Striker to go with him who is average to say the least. 10 games in you should really know your best starting 11 but we will continue to chop and change because Clotet and Co do not know what to do. A change would be best but who would work under Ren???

  • Tracey. My feeling is that both Ren and Clotet will step down- not just the Head Coach. No doubt in my mind that swift moves have already been made.

  • Had we not won the Stoke game I think Pep would have been gone then.

    We need Ren out first he interferes too much
    Pretending to be the manager with Pep as his puppet.


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