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Blues fans now at rock bottom

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With last night’s transfer window producing zero inputs – especially a desperately needed striker – Birmingham City fans, like myself will be feeling at rock bottom today.

Add to that the highly debatable decision to let David Davis leave on loan to a rival relegation-threatened club, only adds fuel to the fire. The question is, what on earth is going on at our club.

My opinion is that they have had enough and simply want out – the proverbial towel has been thrown in. There is little point blaming Pep Clotet as I feel he is insignificant in this club and the widely used word ‘puppet ‘ is accurate.

Since plummeting down the league with hope gone of better things, the only asset Bellingham, is in my view, their only investment. They will use this player as a bargaining tool when selling.

Last night’s scraping of the barrel for ‘anybody’ including a Wolves reserve typified how dreadfully low we have sunk. Supporters feel every emotion and currently it is anger with the Board failing repeatedly at every level. Whichever system they try always smacks of ‘cheapness’ and this is exactly what is being served up now.

Selling or loaning players by weakening your club at a crucial time of the season without adequate replacements is unforgivable, and with a flurry of vital games coming up – supporters just hope one of our forwards or heaven forbid both are not a hamstring away etc.

All told, yesterday revealed a great deal about our club and probably answered a lot of questions that we were a little unsure about – perhaps giving the benefit of doubt for the hierarchy. That I feel has been fully answered as today dawns.

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