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Blues fans keep the ball rolling remembering our first games

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Since we are all in it together and desperately hoping for an early return to normal – we supporters of Birmingham City need to keep the ‘ball rolling’ with talking points.

Others will, I am sure, have great ideas for discussions and debates – whilst many may wish to reminisce of earlier times when Blues became part of their lives. Today I am kicking that off on the subject of my first match.

Hopefully, this might trigger off memories from others that we can enjoy hearing. Here goes…

The first ever game that I was taken to by my late father was at home against Fulham. On paper the perfect match to take a young boy in school trousers to St.Andrews for his baptism. Anything but.

Standing on the Kop on the halfway line I had the ideal view of a two minute incident across the pitch where the dugouts still remain. My eyes were glued on our left winger called Bertie Auld.

Whatever happened to enrage Bertie was there for all to see. Unbelievably I watched this small winger of ours take on two Fulham players with uppercuts that left the bigger of the two, namely Maurice Cook, grounded and spark out. Johnny Haynes was the other Fulham player who suffered Bertie’s beating.

Needless to say, Bertie Auld was sent off and the mayhem ended.

Going home I can remember what a place St.Andrews is for drama. I was hooked. We don’t have Bertie anymore but we certainly still have the drama!

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  • Charles says:

    my first game was Jimmy Geenhoff debut at home.Stan Cullis had just bought him from Leeds United.Possibly the most lethal striker I have ever witnessed in a BLUES shirt.

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