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Blues edging closer to safety line & it will define our future

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After last night’s glorious win at Barnsley and unbeaten now in nine games, Birmingham City are within a whisker of playing Championship football again next season.

A great relief and, in reality, quite unexpected to have performed so well since the transfer window. Add to that the arrival of an Aston Villa player to deliver the goods for the benefit of their fiercest rivals – and you have the perfect dream start to 2020. Such stuff you couldn’t imagine, but fact it is.

Blues are making, for once, the right headlines and fully deserved too! With the team obviously playing for each other, and more importantly, getting the right balance and formation – Gardner back in the team and Roberts showing grit, have made a big difference with the set up of 4-4-2 being understood and logical.

Frustrations of pre-Xmas tinkering of tactics and styles of play are hopefully behind us.

Jude Bellingham has been unbelievable since being first on the team sheet and his overall play has got fellow Bluenoses, like myself, pinching ourselves as to what we are witnessing. Sixteen and almost running the show week in and out is bordering on a miracle. Long may it continue.

Brentford next up and again a real indicator as to how we have improved since the start of this unbeaten run. They have many admirers throughout footballing circles with phrases like ‘the Brentford model’ which is fine but a bit over the top.

They do have a great catchment area in West London, and talent tends to arrive knowing this smaller of the clubs that live in the capital, will give them a better platform in order to be noticed and get game time. A win win situation all round.

Victory against them on Saturday at St.Andrews will take on new thoughts and hopes and will keep the club heading in the right direction, also raising the profile should any prospective buyers be looking at us.

Not so far fetched this theory, as a team heading upwards with undoubtedly having one of the most valuable assets in the Club’s locker that the top footballing world are looking at, then anything can happen. The perfect scenario would be to get rich owners and build around this valuable asset and make him the youngest ever captain to lead us back into the Premier League. It can happen.

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  • tracey tyler says:

    Hopefully all our dreams will come true but this is Birmingham City we are talking about and we do tend to shoot ourselves in the foot from time to time and there is always the tricky situation of the amount of debt we have which is not going away

  • St Francis says:

    Just as we all get excited, will the EFL deduct us another 9 points when we reach 50 points AGAIN! this is getting quite tedious now, please Ren leave and take the owners with you. Great to have Hogan, but the chances of us being able to buy him in the summer seems increasingly slim. He’s the striker we’ve needed since Che. Here we go yet again…

  • Mitchell says:

    St Francis. This nasty little Telegraph piece is just another vendetta against BCFC. They quote ‘up to three points deduction ‘ which is ludicrous. Should we succumb to any punishment again then Sheffield Wednesday and Derby will be more severely hit. Do you hear the Telegraph target these two clubs-of course not. Shameful comes to mind.

  • Gazal says:

    It doesn’t matter how rich the owners are. We can only spend based on revenue and owners putting money in isn’t revenue. We got into trouble for the owners putting too much money in and spending it so please develop and understanding of this subject as it really is like reading the ramblings of a Junior Blue.

  • Smithy says:

    To build around Bellingham would be a dream but as we know the club doesn’t have that luxury. Reality is that big earners like Colin and Dean will not be able stay once their contracts end. Until we get real wealthy owners we will always be where we are at. We can still enjoy the likes of the young ones in the blue shirts until such time etc.

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