Date: 30th May 2019 at 7:07am
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Written by Mitchell Bray

Whilst our rivals across the City enjoy promotion to the Premiership along with Sheffield United and Norwich it occurs to me as to which model our club should adopt for next season’s promotion campaign.

Villa are the biggest of those promoted in terms of support, squad depth and maybe money whereas the other two clubs are similar in support and general player depth. However, it is the Norwich model that draws me in as regards similarities to Blues.

Their close-knit squad with no real stars or pretences of being something they are not, coupled with sound management and very reasonable spending. Top goal scorer Pukki a prime example of shrewd recruiting and the right fit for the club.

Garry Monk is, in my opinion, similar to the successful managers who keep below the radar and simply crack on with getting a football team to compete and play to the players strengths. This is what Daniel Farke of Norwich has done and similarly Chris Wilder at Sheffield United.

Championship clubs must learn from the teams that get promotion and analyse how it’s done. Throwing money at it may work for some who have outstanding players but there are those less inclined to splash the cash and work within their comfort zone and belief in their ability to succeed. Sheffield and Norwich deserve their prize this season and good luck to them.

Blues have the chance next term and with a manager in Garry Monk, perhaps following the Norwich model might be a good thing. Much however will depend on keeping key players such as Adams and Jota. Both these can only get better under GM and although fans are divided when it comes to Jota, there is a class element to him.

Adams should stay another season and despite much speculation, I believe he will want to continue to play for Blues. Let’s hope so.

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  • Whilst Sheffield United have performed something of a miracle there are not too many Blues players that would have got into the Norwich team. Money was available to spend as a result of transfer revenue (James Maddison) along with the final parachute payment from the PL. Add to this an existing nucleus of good players along with some very good recruitment I dont think blues have the same resources as Norwich. The first class manager and coach we have in GM will no doubt improve things for us, but the best we can do is follow the Sheff U model. Get on a good run from the start and let the players and fans generate the adrenalin and desire needed to see it through.

    • As a Norwich supporter I think only £8 million pounds was only spent and I think we also hadn’t any parachute payments left . The money from Maddison payed of debts . The main reason was good recruitment ,togetherness ,management and coaching !

  • Villa wont have much squad depth this summer, numerous players leaving and many loans returned. Of the 3 sides they could very well struggle the most.

    Buying half a new team of which needs to keep a club in the prem is going to be a very difficult task. Like you say splashing the cash doesnt always work for every team and therefore I expect a struggle from them lot.

    It will be tough for all three promoted clubs but I think Norwich have the best system to stand half a chance of survival

  • Burnley and Bournemouth,not forgetting Brighton have prospered under shrewd management. Money is key when it comes to top six of Premiership clubs.As regards top six in the Championship then other commodities are needed-mainly physical presence and basic skills second. Blues can get out of the division with that steely attitude and close knit squad that Monk preaches. For me it is the retention of Adams and Jutkiewicz as a pair.

  • I think Mitchell refers to buying low cost good quality players. This is easier said then done but as the likes of Pederson and Mrabti show it is much cheaper buying from abroad. The main problem is whether they would be able to cope with the pace and aggression of our game. This is where the manager and recruitment team earn their corn in identifying the next Teemu Pukki from the next Nikolai Brock Madsen. It does show you don’t have to spend a small fortune in building a promotion winning team. We have a good manager in charge that has performed miracles this season with his hands tied. With those shackles removed I see no reason why we cannot do the same as Norwich. I’d love Che and Jota still here but it may be we need to rebuild using money from their sales. KRO.

  • With blues using a 4x4x2 formation the midfield should score more goals without letting any more in blues good all rounder midfield players that can score goals make goals and defend ..then get ready for the prem …here we come …

  • Well said William. Remember you from the old Often Partisan days.Always a welcome here for you,and your positive attitude.

  • This season we have been a counter attack team in which our midfield gets tackles in and breaks up play and get it forward quickly. The midfield players we have utilised are all very similar. They are high energy, tough tacklers but offer little else going forward. We need better midfielders who can create chances, weigh in with goals and control the tempo of the game

  • Whilst I agree with Mitch’s report my concern is that despite us having(at the moment???) a good team manager in GM and his backroom staff, to enable us to use the “Norwich Model” we need everyone pulling from the same position and this is just not happening at Board Level! There is absolutely ZERO communication from the Owners(whoever they maybe?) or the Commercial Department(in fairness they too have probably no direction). In my 55 years of supporting Blues, this has to be the worst when it comes to uncertainty and “supporter/club” relationship, and clearly the only way any business can flourish for the long term goals is to have a solid foundation that everyone aspires to work to, to ensure the clubs objectives are achieved. In terms of the playing squad, they deserve a big pat-on-the-back for the great effort they put in last year, but lets be brutally honest here, overall we lack the real quality players to even reach more than half way at present, and unless GM gets some decent monies to work with(which based on reports/rumours we are hearing that the club is in financial meltdown, hence the “financial help” via a ground share with Coventry?????) then frankly(and being realistic) we should prepare to continue to accept mediocrity until change is made. The big question is…will GM stick around for any future change to bring in the “Norwich Model” to fruition?????????????

  • William Morgan? are you the same buddy as the famous Dave Mann that i used to aspire to when we were all on the “Often Partisan” site? If so is there anyway you could bring this valuable icon onto this site? His knowledge and realistic comments were always a good read and whilst sometimes hard hitting like myself,it was coming from the heart of a true Bluenose who looked at the situation without rose tinted glasses. Please make our day and if your in contact with DM then please bring him back!

  • Clearly Malcolm x is looking at it from an astute business perception. Yes,questions are continually being asked about the lack of communication by the owners as to what is happening at the club. What most fans would like is to hear the occasional positive statement that we are going places or the future looks bright etc. Malcolm isn’t asking the earth rather than a genuine strategy plan as to the way forward. GM cannot make those statements so it must be at the Board level that encouragement must be seen.

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