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Blues can start a new era with youth at the helm

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We are all hoping that football will return to St.Andrews at some time this summer albeit behind closed doors, and that’s likely for all, and not just Birmingham City.

Whatever happens with regard to the future formations of our leagues and the critical decisions that will be made by the Footballing bodies remain to be seen. Football as we have known it may well be history.

Apart from the wealthy top six clubs in the country, they will remain just that and continue to dominate especially with their Sky coverage, the rest of the football clubs will, in my opinion, operate on a mainly survival-based level for at least the foreseeable future.

However, it is Birmingham City that holds our interest and what comes next.

We all readily accept, and I think generally approve that wages and transfer fees will moderate, and expectations will be downsized to more realistic levels. Ironically this is where the clubs who have the necessary personnel at their disposal, such as youthful talent, will rise – which of course relates to our own with the standout Jude Bellingham.

At a time when money will be tight and clubs will be scouring the leagues for possible signings just to keep treading water – we have ready-made players to step up and young too.

Put aside the top two race…Blues have decent to good youngsters ready to stake a permanent place in the Championship for next season. Should Bellingham be around for another year, with the return of Seddon, then that would make for a season that many could look forward to.

My hope with our owners is for continued interest and the belief that potentially Birmingham City can be a success at some time in the future. This awful period must make investors at any level in sport reassess their business plans both short and long term. At Blues, I think we have to sympathise and back our owners without the usual clamour for success by making this signing and that.

At the moment we have a Club and a good supporter base with an array of youngsters who will step up in the light of tight finances and other restrictions – out of all the uncertainty surrounding football at the moment, this may prove advantageous and my sincere hope is that our hierarchy keeps the faith and continue to keep the club alive.

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