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Blues are not sending out the right message by being the first Championship Club to request wage cut

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Yesterday, Birmingham City became the first Championship club to ask their players to take a wage cut due to the current Coronavirus situation.

Sensible and logical in my opinion, and I am sure other Clubs’ will follow suit. However, this move by the hierarchy at St.Andrews does raise the question as to how cash healthy we really are as a club, and more importantly how reliant are we going to be on the sale of Jude Bellingham.

Many comments on this site recently do express that we are ok and not under any undue pressure to sell etc. This may be so, and fine, but yesterday’s news regarding players wages does raise that doubt as to the Jude Bellingham proposed sale.

Over the recent weeks we have seen the transfer fee hover around the £30m mark with many permutations banded around as to the best outcome for firstly the player and then the club.

Holding out for upwards of £30m is the interesting bit for me as it will show just how ‘relaxed’ our Board are with the finances etc.

Looking at recent financial accounts is pointless, as the huge figures of debt are swallowed up with jargon that apparently results in no immediate concern as to the future running of BCFC. This area is best left to the scrutiny of our friend Almajir.

My hope is that a few more Championship clubs follow our lead with regard to players wages during this hopefully short period. Should we stand alone on this, it would give out a not so good statement which will send out wrong messages and might have an impact on the Bellingham sale.

What I hope is that this untimely news, and we being the first, is just a genuine logical move by the club. Untimely in the sense of the current situation surrounding Jude. Our Board over the last few years have shot themselves in the foot with varying actions at the wrong time – let us hope this is not another such occurrence.

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  • Smithy says:

    Maybe the wrong message but Bellingham does have a minimum fee which has to be met. Cannot see it being higher than £30m. TTA will need this to secure future funding for a couple of seasons unless of course Premier footy is achieved next season.

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