Date: 4th April 2020 at 8:00pm
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This current coronavirus situation throughout the world has impacted on everybody and everything.

We all now understand it and we all fear for what might lie ahead. However, football is our hobby and plays a great deal in our lives, which is why we have to look and discuss what this current world wide meltdown will have on future footballing seasons.

With money splashed around like water on transfers, players wages, sponsorships etc by mainly the top two divisions of our English leagues, it is hardly surprising that the future face of football is going to be vastly different.

Unless the Premier League Clubs have continued wealth poured into them – especially the top four -then it could signal the end of the last decade of mind boggling spending. This brings us to a situation closer to home with Jude Bellingham.

Over the last few months, this player has had transfer values suggested at between £15m-£40m which for a sixteen-year-old is huge.

What happens now is very unclear as, without doubt, this global bombshell will change the face of future football. Can anyone really see a continuation of what has been and can football followers really feel comfortable with players earning the sort of top level money when the economy is stretched to the limit.

My feeling is that should we get back to normal service, our top two divisions will have to act in a more sensitive manner knowing the general state of play. Sky will have a great deal of future influence no doubt especially with the Premiership. Should they ever decide to pull the plug then football really would be at a sensible and acceptable level.

Returning to Jude Bellingham’s situation and whether this enforced break will have a reduction in his transfer value is unknown. He with many other young talents throughout world football may well have to wait another season or two before transfer fees escalate and for BCFC this may be just acceptable.

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4 Replies to “Blues and Bellingham may well be staying together for longer”

  • Should Bellingham’s value drop to around £15m. due to the current financial state then yes,he should stay another season at Blues. Cannot allow this figure to go through no matter how severe cash flow is currently at.

  • To be honest I don’t think we need to sell Jude anyway, at least not this coming season, as I think we’ve got other assets that we could quite easily sell to make up what we may have received initially for Jude, further more they can all be replaced by players we have there already or coming through the academy. If we could keep Jude for another season or two then there’s a good chance transfer fees would have ‘normalised’ and we could possibly be looking at anywhere between £50-70M instead; we may even be in the PL and not have to sell at all!

    If the rumours are correct we turned down £8-10M for Pederson in January so there’s no reason why we couldn’t get £11-14M for Pederson and Colin, we could possibly get £2-4M for Villalba and Gimenez, another £1-3M for Davis so with possibly a few other minor sales we could be looking at £16M in sales (even, as you rightly state, with values being reduced) and also be offloading a number of high earners who’s contracts are ending this season.

    Contrary to what the media want to portray Birmingham City are not broke, in fact our problem with FFP is that we spent too much! Of course it makes sense to try and become a bit more self-sufficient but why not do that by selling players that we can replace from our existing ranks and spend sensibly to bring in players in areas we are lacking (for instance someone like Hogan who has one year left on his existing contract).

    I’m led to believe that Jude would like nothing more than to spend a bit longer at Birmingham so why not look at other areas where we can capitalise without selling a player who may not really want to leave yet.

  • If economic conditions bring about a depreciation in Jude’s financial value then we have to assume they will bring a depreciation in the value of other players too. It follows that we should accrue proportionally less for Pedersen, Villalba, Davis etc. Should Covid-19 result in Jude staying until football’s economics return to their former highly-inflated state then it might well be better for him as a player: most of the clubs vying for his signature would keep him on the bench for a year or two – not desirable for someone who already has a year’s first team experience of first team football. Unfortunately the most likely outcome is that elite clubs will maintain and even enhance their elite status as they rely significantly less than others on attendance at matches. That will mean they will need to pay less for players they cherry-pick from the likes of Blues.

  • There will not be any depreciation in player values. The cost for clubs is a lot lower than people think. At the moment they are not paying running costs yes they’re paying players wages but these have been cut by 80%. At Birmingham. Plus our owners are from China and run business in China. China is now back on on a normal level of operation. Business as not stop there. Is a good chance that the transfer window will be suspended anyway particularly for international transfer. No point in guessing what mite be. KRO

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