Date: 12th January 2020 at 8:00pm
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After a past week of financial bewilderment that rocked most of us Bluenoses, we ended it by the team producing a figure we 100% understand.

Winning at, Luton 2-1, made sensible reading and came at a crucial time for the club. Matters on the pitch took over and succeeded with a credible performance, especially from the older hands of David Davis and Gary Gardner.

When the team sheet was announced prior to the game there was much unease at the midfield Clotet had chosen. Many thought Davis, Gardner and Maghoma were not the solution, with Crowley, Bellingham and Villalba the preferred fans choice.

Maybe at the start of the season, this would have been the case – but these are difficult times for Clotet and the club in general, so putting your trust in hopeful stability was understandable. Maghoma, in particular, played well, giving cover and pace for the very slower pace of Davis and Gardner.

All round, a great tonic for a very depressing week off the field. Blues’ survival target of around 44 points should be achieved without too much stress for us fans, but nevertheless they have to be fought for.

Cardiff up next and it is a game not to be taken lightly. Keeping a clean sheet must be Clotet’s main target. Harlee Dean’s absence through another red card will not help, but, hopefully, Roberts or Harding can assist the rapidly improving Clarke-Salter.

As regards Dean, it appears fans that I have spoken to are very much divided about his general worth to the club. In my opinion, it is regretful that Harding hasn’t made that centre back position his own after bursting on the scene two seasons ago amid glowing performances. Still time I feel for him to step up. Dean is a decent fit for most Championship teams with his armoury, but for a club with intentions of bettering themselves, then I don’t see him improving on his own ability.

Next season will no doubt clear a fair number of our players due to contracts expiring etc and the summer recruitment must be spot on. My hope is that we get the three centre backs sorted plus of course that thorny issue of a solid, reliable goalkeeper. However, we start the new training week with renewed hope for building upon the three points gained at Luton. Another three against Cardiff next Saturday is the only figure we want to see released from St.Andrews at 4.50pm.

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6 Replies to “Blues 2-1 victory is a figure we all understand”

  • Hope the confidence that comes with a victory can show on Saturday, wonder if Pep will surprise us again with the Team selection (Dean apart) or will he stick with his pal Monks manifesto

  • My guess it will be a cautious approach but with a bit more flair in midfield. Expect two defensive midfielders with either Davis or Gardner dropping to the bench.

  • Well blues are in a much better place place than last year as the points was took off. Now the new coach needs to have a good run at things built up a squad make team. Work and tic. He not had a full season. Yet. And it lookin OK. Give him chances

  • As we are talking ‘figures and numbers’ lately it is worth remembering that we at Blues have a meagre squad in terms of numbers.Yes we may a total number that isn’t bad but the number of quality and capability of mounting a challenge in this league is relatively small. Examples include four goalkeepers but not one you would call really decent, four centre backs if you include Harding are hardly mouth watering and strike force of perhaps four if you include Bailey which only Juke is rated. Quantity over quality best sums up our spreadsheet at the moment.At least I for one can absorb those figures.

  • I think it will be a positive if we can see the season out without relegation or administration. however with the “news” that we are enquiring about another “marque” signing of a forward that has scored 3 goals this season and limited to 8 full games I do question where the hell this clubs owners and manager are taking us because up the table it certainly wont be! What about taking proven goal scorers that show a better return from our own leagues(I would be happy with the Peterborough guys, as the likes of real quality championship players are beyond our finances and/or Ren and Clotet’s capabilities of indentifying the ‘real gems” we need)

  • Quite right malcolm x . Plus the fact that who would relish signing for us if their new ‘mentors’ centred around Clotet and Gards. Signing below par players surely has to stop. See out the season,start again with credible back room staff capable of turning players into better ones.

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