Date: 3rd February 2014 at 3:37pm
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Birmingham city fans took to a small protest during the game this weekend. There were two banners passed around by the fans.

The first was a ‘delay no more` sign that was asking for the club to be sold now. The second, read ‘made in Birmingham, destroyed in Hong Kong` and was the more successful of the two.

The first banner was walked around the Tilton before being intercepted by the stewards in the walkways as they attempted to enter the Kop. The fans took this as an oppression on their protest, but from speaking to the stewards it was a case of not allowing supports to change between stands. This is in line with club policy (of which they over look at half time).

The second banner was intercepted in the same spot by the police, and after some pushing and shoving the banner was passed into the top tier of the kop and made its way down the stand towards the Gill Merick before being passed back (at half time it was placed on seats behind the goal in the Tilton).

The delay no more campaign is a product of the Blues Trust and was not, so far as I am aware related to the second sign. The second sign was made by Blues supporter Ian Bird.

It is becoming ever more evident that the fans want a sale of the club. These are the first signs of real protest at the games. There are several campaigns beginning to pop up now, there was also one I saw on Facebook about holding up something white in protest before the game.

There was one song sang during the game in regards to the owners nationality, which marred an otherwise respectable protest.

Ian Bird spoke to the BBC and explained that his banner ‘Made in Birmingham, Destroying in Hong Kong` was designed to galvanise the fans and not to force a change of ownership. Ian was concerned at the current state of apathy amongst the fans at home games.

The delay no more campaign is set to get some coverage in Hong Kong thanks to the highly respected Often Partisan.
He has wonderful coverage of all the goings on in Hong Kong.

It is time for Birmingham fans to (if they can afford to) fill St Andrews and support the boys on the pitch. I have repeatedly been told by small numbers of people that they will boycott the club and its merchandise until there are new owners.

There is no guarantee that such measures would force a sale, but what it could do is make this wonderful club fade away into the red. Buy our shirts and fill those seats, through thick and thin we will survive and the only sure way to do that, is to support this club no matter who owns it.

If there is anyone involved in the campaign Delay No More that would like this site to contribute to its coverage please do not hesitate to contact me.

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