Date: 29th August 2018 at 6:30pm
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Jacques Maghoma was filmed by Harlee Dean retrieving a ping-pong ball from behind a locker.

The defender was quick to add a comment to the video stating that he “hates the gym that much.”

It’s nice to see the camaraderie between the players, and real characters like Mags surely make the atmosphere in the dressing room very positive.

With the tough start to the season, that character will certainly be needed, although it must be said the performances have not been rewarded with results so far.

It’s a strange beginning to the campaign really. I’m feeling rather upbeat even though we’ve picked up only three points from five games.

It’s very early stages though, and despite being 21st, I don’t think the table is truly reflective of results until at least ten games in. Hopefully, a win is just around the corner. The QPR game looks like a great opportunity to get our first three points of the season.


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  • This may be amusing but the bigger picture isn’t. Seddon going out on loan is yet another strange move by the club. Weakening the squad almost weekly appears suicidal.My thoughts now are that the club is in serious financial bother.As we stand we are threadbare and waiting for a hamstring or worse by a senior player to throw us into a crisis.

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