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Birmingham City Serving Up Some Much Needed Cheer

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Two league wins against Huddersfield and Preston North End in the space of four days has certainly brought about much-needed cheer at Birmingham City.

Aitor Karanka and the squad appear to be on the right lines, particularly with the rotation of players and the importance of whoever plays knowing their roles. Simple but vital when the overall target is to eventually hold down a top-six slot in the Championship table.

This week, with two home games against Wycombe and Bournemouth, will no doubt go some way as to the realisation of our genuine hopes for success – four points would be excellent in my opinion. This dreadful year, when football has been ripped apart and supporters are only able to watch their teams from television cameras, has somehow retained a keen interest and therefore a much-needed boost.

Talking points, debates and controversial decisions on the pitch, somehow appears right, which may sound odd – but needed if you get my point. Blues, as we know, are a full-time talking point and lasts most of our living years with heartaches and joys, coupled with anger at times and the eventual forgiveness.

Recently I was told I needed a new hobby as Birmingham City rarely supplied me with much happiness and the point made was logical and understandable. Although there is no sensible answer as to why we endure so many lows, it is best to portray the feeling that we have just experienced in back to back wins and maybe, just maybe, the possibility of a further two this week.

Wishful thinking and hopeless faith in being a Blues supporter? Spot on.

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  • Charles says:

    Amazing how two wins back to back lifts the spirits! Keep right on with the upbeat stuff – we all feel better. Love it.

  • malcolm x says:

    A message from yours truly, Birmingham City’s Fan Ambassador!! A new confidence has come into the Blues Family(Supporters) with a new, fresh approach to how to build. a team over a period, not the usual fantasy stuff that our Owners have alluded to over the years. We know scoring goals will never be in abundance under the Karanka Manifesto, however making us hard to beat and having the ability to counter attack is a good enough recipe for me to get to where we want to be. I have every confidence that we are in thee best shape since the McLeish days, however a word of caution(NOT negative)…whilst I believe in Karanka’s 3 year plan I have grave doubts as to whether we will be operating as a club in 12/18 months time. The clubs finances are shocking and not sustainable as they are, St.Andrew’s is not even owned by the ‘owners’ but a 3rd party, we have no real tangible assett’s(current squad doing well, and is a continued work in progress, but not worth that much) and so this should be concerning to us all. We can only hope that to put some icing on the cake, we could attract wealthy investors(how Burnley can attract a £200m interest beggers belief when you compare our cub to their’s!) to compliment what we seeing in the on-file greenshoots.

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