Date: 18th June 2019 at 2:37pm
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Written by Mitchell Bray

Just what have supporters have to do to get any positive feelings at Blues?

Since last Thursday’s rumour concerning Garry Monk’s possible departure from the club, little to nothing has been released from St.Andrews.

Much has been reported from Sky Sports to local sports media.

Today we have even had Almajir try and fathom it all out. Whilst many will defend the club for its silence it is my opinion that the hierarchy should release some kind of statement as to the truth.

These rumours are damaging, particularly those supporters who have approached me stating their reluctance at this stage to renew their season tickets until some clarity is given. As we now stand, Garry Monk is still our Manager and going nowhere which is great. However, how long is this relatively good news going to last?

Should we be in for a further shock tomorrow or later in the week. These are the times we live in being Blues supporters. Nothing new I appreciate but when a new season is approaching with expectations rising you would imagine in the business world of football, our management would want to maximise season ticket sales.

At BCFC it is almost the opposite with negative rumours allowed to fester. Whether Monk goes or stays is probably irrelevant, in my view, by our owners or they may well be busting a gut to keep him. Who knows and who cares is what we are left with. We want a little knowledge that’s all. Good or bad. As it stands most fans I have spoken to fear Monk will go to Derby if Lampard departs for Chelsea which tells me the state we find ourselves facing.

Hopefully, last week’s nasty rumours will turn out to be fake news and all is well at St.Andrews, so surely some clarification from the club should be forthcoming before anger enters days ahead. Vitriolic fans at this stage of the close season is not good and as previously stated, surely it has to be damaging for season ticket sales.

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