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Birmingham City must stop this eternal managerial conveyor belt

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Birmingham City’s search for a new Head Coach/Manager is obviously getting supporters searching all over stories as to who might be coming in next.

One thing that must be stopped at our club is this well-oiled conveyor belt that must be the best in the Championship. Stability is always a word that is banded around by nearly all football clubs when change happens, either with new owners or new managers. Blues however desperately need this word acted upon before we really do become a circus act.

Going over old ground as to the number of managers since Rowett is futile, and now boring, with Bluenoses hoping this time around will be the ‘right choice’. In my opinion, this next appointment will show just where we are heading – not rocket science I know – but nevertheless it will tell us what ambition our owners have.

Suggestions of possible successors to Clotet is quite alarming with names such as Warnock, Clough, Robins etc but the one that is good is obviously that of Chris Hughton – but just how realistic it would be to get him back is anybody’s guess.

On the flip side of all this is the future policy of the club regarding playing the youth which is a key call, and whether the new manager would rate what he is inheriting. Should youth be the future way forward, then maybe the policy will be to promote from within?

Much I feel will rest on the outcome of the next remaining nine games, starting against West Bromwich Albion on the 20th of this month. With extra substitutes allowed, we will hopefully give a chance for a few younger players to perform. Playing behind closed doors may benefit some, without the fear of making mistakes and getting moans from the crowds.

Whatever happens during the remaining matches the ultimate question will be who takes the reigns for next season.

My hope is that whoever it may be, will stay long enough to get the eternal conveyor belt rusted up. That will tell us we have finally got our man.

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  • WayCoolBlue says:

    It was not the clubs doing Pep wants to leave. It his at his own request. You can’t put blame on the tab for that one.

  • Smithy says:

    Bit naive that waycool. Pep not delivering what Ren and co.wanted.16th spot not acceptable. Next man in etc.

    • WayCoolBlue says:

      It’s not naive it’s a fact 100-percent bonafide fact Pep wants to leave. He was not forced out he was not sacked if that was the case it would be gone immediately. He wouldn’t stick around and to play at the remainder of the game knowing he has been pushed out. It is Pep’s decision.

  • Pete Abrahams says:

    Get Gary Rowett back

  • brian vaughan says:

    i read a report 5 weeks ago that pep was going to be sacked .we also find that the club, well dung. yes i know how i spelt it i meant it. was sounding out managers one being the former fulham manager
    so how does that say pep wanted to go . he was sacked . but dung cant admit yet another manger as paid the price for his useless ideas of a team playing like man city when theres no money and demanding we get promoted . if pep did go himself its because hes knows whats coming no money no transfer money from sale of bellingham thats going to the owners playing kids who so far have not proved good enough loans, all our better players going dung should make himself manager and then sack himself after a year . no decent manager will come to blues forget robins hes just got coventry up and hogan wont sign hes on £48 thou aweek he be lucky to get £12 thou at blues and villa will demand a massive fee i fear for blues .i actually think we could go down

    • WayCoolBlue says:

      Except he was not sacked.
      There is no conspiracy he just wanted to go and work in Spain he has found a new job.

  • Jimmy says:

    With Dong pulling the strings we could have Klopp in charge and he would drive him out. The whole situation at the club is pathetic. We have decent managers , Rowett and Monk and we lose them. It’s disheartening that fans take the boards side. I don’t care if Rowett was eyeing up other jobs. They should have given him more money. Same goes for Monk who cares if he was trying to get his favourite agent to act for players (allegedly). It’s on the pitch that matters. Both were doing a fine job and we lost them.

    Neil Warnock would be the best bet. He would tell Dong to get lost if he interfered and that is what we need. Someone who cannot be pushed about.

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