Date: 18th October 2017 at 4:13pm
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The performance against Cardiff City last Friday was undoubtedly the most promising of the season so far. From back to front, Blues were organised, resolute and showed glimpses of quality.

But let’s not forget the previous game – the 6-1 drubbing at Hull.

The feelings after both games were opposite ends of the scale. Much negativity surrounded the aftermath of the capitulation at the KCOM whereas positivity of unrealistic proportions followed the victory over the Welsh side.

While Steve Cotterill’s reign got off to a solid start, we should remember that it was the beginning of a long journey. Indeed, Blues could be back in the bottom three by the time they kick-off at Millwall on Saturday evening.

I’ve read articles on various websites analysing Cotterill’s ‘winning formula’ and former Blues striker Clinton Morrison spoke of the club’s capability to climb the table and finish in a play-off position in May.

Hold your horses. We’ve won three games all season.

Granted, we have a team capable of playing above their station. But it can’t have escaped everyone’s notice that we also have a team prone to chcucking in the towel.

We can talk about promotion until the cows come home, yet Blues are only ever one defeat away from another meltdown. The topic on everyone lips will soon revert back to relegation after a few bad results.

Realistically, Cotterill’s remit is to build the foundations and to take the team on an upward trajectory. If he can do that, he will be halfway there.

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6 Replies to “Birmingham City must overcome Jekyll and Hyde tendencies”

  • It’s a pity we don’t buy up car parks as well to give guaranteed parking to season ticket holders …and as suggested cheaper standing areas with poorer viewing for people on the dole at times of poor opposition ….and school trip areas …bums on seats at all times is the order of the day …

  • We must remember this is still a team finding their true identity,style,bonding and gelling together.When Cotterill has determined for certain his tactics with the players at his disposal for each given game the team can only get better and better.The Cardiff result and performance gives us hope of a much improved season than last.We have a decent side capable of being in the top half of the table.A good result at Milwall would set us up nicely for B6 when they come to a roaring St Andrews.This squad ( arguably ) is the best since relegation,if they integrate in the upcoming games there will be nothing to fear.Ideally we build this season,keep continuity and set our sights on a realistic chance of doing something amazing next season. KRO

  • Each and every supporter knows how unpredictable we are.This isn’t going to go away because of the Cardiff win.In a league where flukes are more commonplace than actual skilfully crafted results-we just hold our breath wondering whether we turn up properly at kick off or bizarrely throw it all away before halftime.My gut feeling is that Cotterill will be the tonic this squad needs and pride and determination will overcome the abysmal start that this season has so far produced.

  • Our away record this season has been atrocious. Its not going to be an easy game at Millwall as some fans seem to be thinking. An away draw is a good result. We need to develop some consistency in our play. Cardiff showed what we are capable of. We must aim to maintain that standard.

  • Why are we looking at louis Moult , he will make a good championships player but not a prem player …we should be looking at the likes of Kasper Dolbetg 20 to from Ajax if we are thinking of promotion …we will never get Harrods Quality shopping at the nearby corner shop …COME ON…

  • David Village – I haven’t heard anything about transfers so I assume they’re rumours. But if it hadn’t escaped your notice, we are a Championship club.

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