Date: 30th May 2018 at 1:50pm
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Written by Tom Heslop.

Birmingham City are believed to be interested in Hull City striker Abel Hernandez, according to a source close to Vital Birmingham.

The 27-year-old, who is out of contract this summer, has been offered a new deal by the Tigers but with a whole host of clubs reportedly scouting him, he may well be tempted to move on to pastures new.

It is to our knowledge that eight other teams are battling it out with Blues to sign the striker, who managed eight goals in 10 appearances last season in the Sky Bet Championship, so it could be a long-winded transfer saga this one.

One of the teams that are interested in signing the Uruguayan forward are Blues’ Midlands rivals Aston Villa. After their failed promotion attempt, Villa are now looking ahead to next season and with Hernandez available on a free, he would be a massive help for both clubs who are currently battling Financial Fair Play regulations.

Blues fans, how good a signing do you think Abel Hernandez would be? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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10 Replies to “Birmingham City interested in Hull City striker Abel Hernandez”

  • Hull have offered him a big wage to stay, so far none of the other supposedly interested clubs have said what they could pay or afford to pay him, I guess he will want at least 50,000 a week.

    • He plays for my local team hull . He’s over hyped in my view and certainly not worth 50k or even half that per week. Can’t seehim scoring the number of goals that we need

  • There’s already been near 50 players linked/mentioned with us, and considering the one that hasn’t been mentioned, Pedersen, has reportedly ‘verbally’ agreed to join us.
    It’s silly season, the world and his dogs going to be linked to us, so most would need to be taken with a large pinch of salt.
    However, with Hernandez’s link coming via a ‘source close to Vital Birmingham’ then I do consider it to ‘have legs’.
    Whilst I’ve heard he was available, I didn’t, for one minute think we would be linked with him, because I thought he would be way out of our reach.
    If the link is genuine, then I don’t think Monk would waste his time contemplating it if he hadn’t been given some sort of encouragement, in some way.
    I’ll say it again, if its genuine, then, yes, yes, yes, get him in !!!
    Out of the many strikers that have been mentioned, he would be ideal.
    I wait to see what does actually happens.

  • We were looking at him last year and quoted 8-12 million. Got injured early on before the window closed. He scores goals at just under 1 in 3 so a good number 8 or 10 in anyones squad. 50k per week = 2.5 million a year and no fee apart from signing on possibly around 2 million, so over a three year contract its 9.5-10 million and not 8-12 million plus signing on fee and wages so possibly a good value signing.

  • Terrymsblues,
    I’m surprised in what you’ve said about him.
    Wasn’t he the one Bruce fought hard to get, and when he did eventually sign him, wasn’t it his goals that helped keep Hull in the Prem ?
    Or am I getting him confused with someone else ?
    Having worked with him, Bruce would probably be favourite to sign him, dunno?
    From what I’ve seen of him, which I will admit, isn’t that much, but, I think Monk would bring the best out of him, I think he’d be ideal for us.

  • If its doeable and he’s fit brilliant let’s be honest he’s scored 8 goals in just 10 appearances that’s better than any of our forward s in less than a 1/4 of a season he’s also someone who monk can get the best out off

  • Plays in the Uruguay squad with Suarez and Cavani plays in a town with no atmosphere if he came to blues it would be massive he make Jerome look poor KRO!!

  • If he’s going to cost £25.000 a week I would try and get gallerger back Adams jutkiewicz vassell galllererger as good as any in the division.

  • If he could stay fit for an entire season he could be a 30 goal of season man 8 goals in 10 Appearances towards the end of the season injury kept him out had he been Fit at that rate he would definitely have got 30 goals. In the right team Hull are a bad fit for him as they are a long Bulls team he needs to be in a team that play on the ground. Villa also would be a bad fit for him as they are another long ball team he would be well-suited to monks Style of football the why monk once to play. If he was not a free signing it would probably cost 16 to 20 million it’s well-known he wanted to leave Hull so he will not sign a new contract regardless of what’s on offer.

  • Think he could do well for us however his wages may be out of reach.We need a team of equals when it comes to wages,many players get bitter when they see teammates getting excessive wages compared to them,a divided locker room can and does cause strife,IF his salary can be kept in line with others he would be a brilliant addition.

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