Date: 1st May 2014 at 12:17pm
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Birmingham City Football Club are to go head to head with Bolton on Saturday with their Championship status on the line. In addition to that a financial expert, former Leeds United chairman, has warned the club could face administration.

Should relegation happen, reports suggest the club could be sold for as little as a £5 million down payment. I`m sure Pannu is now wishing he`d of held on to some of the playing assets

Whilst many people fully understand the clubs need to balance the books, given the situation now, it could be said that the playing staff were far more valuable at the club keeping it in the Championship. Instead there is half a team and a manager who has guided his team to just six points in 10 games. A truly remarkable return, for our relegation rivals.

The club is valued by its owners at £32 million, but should the club drop down a division will be worth just 20-30% of that figure. In the opinion of Gerald Krasner the club will then face a real financial risk.

Birmingham City was sold to Mr Yeung in 2009 for a reported £81 million, now it stands to fall into obscurity. Blues fans are set to weep day and night for the financial loss Yeung has suffered

What do you think this drop in value could mean for the sale of the club? Could it mean, being worth so little, that the club could be sold as one purchase instead in parts.

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