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“Best keeper we had”- Lots of Blues fans get nostalgic talking about former shot-stopper

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Lots of Blues fans have been reacting to some throwback footage of a rather special player in Blues history.

Was he ‘the one that got away’? Or was he simply too good for us and we never really stood a chance of bringing him on board?

Birmingham City fan @vivacb2 posted a little montage on Twitter yesterday in which he made the argument that goalkeeper Joe Hart was the ‘best in the world’ when he played at St Andrew’s back in the 09/10 season.

He did reasonably well for the club, keeping 12 clean sheets in the process, as well as producing a number of fine saves as shown in the video, but went back to Manchester City at the end of the season where he went on to have great success and become England’s number one for the best part of a decade.

Was Joe Hart our best goalkeeper of the 2010s?





The little montage though got fans talking about Hart’s time at the club and how they wished he could have stayed for longer.

Although even if he did, with saves like that, I don’t think we’d have been able to keep him for much longer.

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  • steve says:

    Not fair on the others to say the best keeper we ever had, he was good, prone to a few mistakes at times and was here when the likes of Foster and Butland were around, but going back through the years, Hibbs and Merrick were pretty good in a style of football a lot different to today, muddy pitches, shoulder barging, heavy leather ball and in those days you caught the ball not palmed it away. Withers and Schofield were pretty decent, Latchford was decent as was Herriott, despite his weird ways. We can’t forget Cooper, Bennett, Myhill, Doyle, Vaesen, Poole, Myhill, Randolph and Kelly. They were also excellent goalkeepers. Don’t forget Kuszazak, had his moments, may have been passed his best but he saved a few games for us. My particular favourites,
    Montgomery and Seaman. There were a few others but the above mentioned had a lot of memorable games, even Camp has had some unforgettable games. RIP Ron Wylie, don’t get me started on midfield players, we have had some good ones.

    • Matthew Baldwin says:

      I agree, I don’t think he was the best we’ve had, just putting out the views of others.

      I’d put Maik Taylor on that list too, I remember that game at Arsenal where he saved like 20 shots and then got beaten by a deflection in… I want to say 2005?

  • Steve says:

    I thought I had included Taylor, I have put Myhill in twice by mistake.I think all the keepers we had have been pretty decent, they get plenty of practise. Even Sprake had one decent game. I remember my grandads (both Bluenoses) telling me of brilliant keepers that played for us I have never heard of.

    • Matthew Baldwin says:

      Yeah, don’t think we’ve had any ‘bad’ goalkeepers in that sense, even the likes of Camp that I’m not a huge fan of has had his impressive spells.

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