Date: 22nd May 2014 at 12:46pm
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Jose Riga has revealed to the media that he could have the option of taking up the Birmingham City manager`s position.

It would appear that Riga is attempting to stay in England, which would explain why he is linking himself to jobs in England. Blackpool and Birmingham are both clubs he would be aware of as they were very much involved in the relegation fight Riga`s Charlton were in.

So how would Riga end up manager of Birmingham City, well he would have to know something that pretty much know one else knows. That would be the potential identity of the new owners coming in, which I`m led to believe is not possible. Lee Clark being sacked would have to be the first order of business for these new owners. Just what Riga means by “I have heard about Blackpool and Birmingham also” is pretty unclear.

It is possible that potential bidding parties, in hope of being the preferred bidder are already contacting manager targets. In this case the news could have came from his agent. But it seems to me like all he has done is mention two realistic target clubs that do not have managers.

When would Riga be taking over? Well who knows, because who knows when the club will be changing hands. This could suggest that another club would ‘snap` him up before-hand, anyway.

Jose Riga is a Belgium coach that guided Charlton to three victories in their last four games. The team were bottom of the Championship when he took over. Charlton captain Johnnie Jackson went on record praising the manager`s methods and understanding of the game. It has been suggested that a positive feeling about the coach was only held back due to the nature of Chris Powel`s departure.

It would appear that Riga has the potential to be a good option for a football club, whether he will be arriving at Birmingham or whether Lee Clark will depart at all is up in the air; just like everything else at the club currently.

I wouldn`t be too worried if I was Lee Clark

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