Date: 6th July 2020 at 4:00pm
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When Birmingham City supporters talk about Lee Camp as some kind of folk hero, and the prospect of a new contract, coupled with images of CEO Ren enjoying life at Wast Hills fully kitted out in training gear etc – it does raise questions as to what is happening at the club.

Are we going backwards or is this the new norm as to the future.

Perhaps this is the way ahead in these financially troubled times, when management ‘helps out’ with the players on the training ground, and not very good Goalkeepers are offered new deals? Who knows and really who cares?

Reports suggest also that Blues are not that close to appointing a new Manager, and maybe not in a hurry to do so at all. With Ren, Robbo and Gardner at the helm then why rush?

Cynical, I readily admit, but I feel genuine sympathy towards the current players we have at the club, when it comes to seeing us through the next five games. We are in dreadful form, and we are living off rivals dropping points without any real confidence of actually winning a game of football.

However, my main issue concerns a totally different matter which refers to Pep Clotet.

After last Saturday’s game at Fulham which was frustrating for the players and the supporters – it was followed by our Manager demanding EFL clarity surrounding Wigan and whether their twelve points deduction comes into effect this season.

We all know what he is getting at and we understand the reasoning, but why oh why does he have to belittle himself and the club in asking such a question?

Clearly Clotet has zero confidence in his troops winning a game in the foreseeable future and therefore pinning his pitiful hopes on the EFL helping out. What Clotet asked regarding this clarity is humiliating and unacceptable. All of this is doing nothing for player confidence and again questions the overall atmosphere at the club.

My opinion obviously, but I cannot see any new Manager being appointed anytime soon and I would certainly not be surprised if a promotion was not made from within. Heaven help us if this does happen, especially with the Ren tracksuit scenario.

We appear to be in a bubble of drifting along aimlessly with the main object of actually winning games not being understood. For the credibility of the supporters and of the proud name of BCFC I just hope we find that we don’t have to rely on Wigan and their troubles – certainly, the desperate and despicable question raised in clarification by our Manager over the weekend, really shows what confidence he has in his own ability.

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  • Let’s face it we’re in serious trouble and with Ren at the helm interfering things will get a lot worse before they get better. I know this won’t go down well but I honestly believe that to go forwards we need to go back and the best thing that could happen to us is to go into administration. The ownership of our club is so complicated, for them to just put us up for sale wouldn’t be viable. It would most certainly mean relegation if we were to enter admin, but i’d rather start next season with new owners rather than the idiots we’ve got now.

  • omg the man really is a bloody muppet the reason why he asked the question is because he is clueless useless. Pep could not organise a piss up a brewery muppet muppet muppet and by the way he’s a muppet

  • Bcfc are a laughing stock and can be traced to this pratt ren he thinks he God and run the business side and manager the side we have progressed since 14 dec 2016 when they decided to sack rowett. We are just as bad position as the last day at bristol when redknapp kept us up.only to be sacked 4 games in the common denominator ren dong with this obnoxious little terd running blues wanting to dictate to managers we are doomed

  • So sad and unnecessary that this club sinks lower each season. Actions such as the Clotet disaster by asking for ‘clarification on Wigan’ really does cap it all. Never have I felt such disgust and anger. Why does he not try and win a game or two. Small minded manager with not much credibility.

  • I don’t agree with him asking the question and I don’t believe he should have done so. Because of the contents it will be taken in just as everyone here has taken it that way. But really it’s because he knows Birmingham was deducted points through the middle of the season they changed the rules for Birmingham so we could be deducted points.

    The EFL are out to get us more than 9 clubs we know of have been in worse financial situations than Birmingham and the FFP or the profitability rules. None of these clubs have been punished. So he wants clarity because he sees one club begin punished us. Even when we’re found not guilty they appeal for a moral Victory only so they can use that against us in any future breaches. One little slip up at Birmingham and the EFL will have off against the wall without pants down.

    For some reason the EFL have it in for Birmingham City.

    So I two want clarity I just would have been more forward when asking the question and not asked the question in that way I would have asked is its one rule for one and another rule for another because that is the way it seems.


  • Have the players no pride in themselves? Are they just going through the motions knowing there are no replacements? We may as well play a whole team of youngsters and go down fighting. Get Pep on the next flight to Spain – his tactics/team selections and substitutions are making our situation worse. Ren will surely lose face ( a fate worse than death in Chinese culture) if/when we are relegated. Hopefully TTA will walk away and sell.

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