Date: 10th July 2018 at 5:00pm
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Daniel Ivery has written a follow-up article to his story yesterday on the club’s transfer embargo. In it, he looks to answer some of the questions that arose from the news of the alleged transfer ban.

He says that he believes the club have tried to circumvent Financial Fair Play Rules, stating:

“It would appear that whoever is dealing with transfers at Blues has taken a cavalier approach to the rules and decided that they either can get around them or ignore them”

There’s no way to verify these claims but fans on Twitter have been reacting to the latest blog post:


With Sky Sports and many newspapers not reporting the story, other than the Mirror‘s James Nursey, it’s hard to determine what is going on at the moment.

The club’s silence on the matter and the fact no swift denial has been made could mean that there is some truth to the story, although there is no way to be sure.

It could be that the club think they can resolve the issue quickly with the EFL, and will only make a statement when that happens, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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7 Replies to “‘Awful Owners’ ‘I’m Chill’- Lots of Birmingham Fans React To Latest Update On Transfer Embargo”

  • Who really knows what is going on at the club. Not I and awful owners how do you get to saying that? There not awful they were initially misled by believing that vetriie Rednapp etc knew what they were doing. It seems they did not and blew a lot of money on a load of rubbish players. How does that make them bad owners. Also if you won mega money on the lottery how many of you would actually spend it on BCFC very few if any. Most of you are hypocrites of the first order.

    • Well said Skunk, the owners want what’s best for the club, Ren is a Director, an employee of the club. Some people who make stupid comments berating the owners need to get a football education and have probably never been to a match in their lives. Things aren’t all doom and gloom, we’ve got one of the best managers in the Championship who got the best out of the players at the end of a tough season along with the fact we still have those players who dug so deep, yes we could do with strengthening in this window, and maybe we still will, but if not we make do with what we have. We’re Blues, worse things than this have happened but we’re still here #Kro

      • Chris at last someone with a brain whatever happens were going to be better prepared I love what monk is doing this pre season look more together doing stuff as a group and do you what we’ve got some good kids coming through with a couple of additions we’ll be fine

    • Completely agree I tell you what at least these guys try and back there manager in the transfer market I’m not concerned about the embargo at least 12 teams are in the same boat also noticed there not a great deal of movement in this division considering there’s a month left

  • One person and only one person has drawn out this topic.He is the source and now the creator of much debate over the last 24 hours.Neither BCFC or the EFL made any comment. So what do we make of it. Turn a blind eye and carry on as before ,or drive ourselves round in circles culminating in frustration which is being aimed at our owners. Above comment from Skunt is worth thinking about as he has refused to jump on the self destruct bandwagon and berate our owners.Perhaps we should ,for the time being,follow his comments and refrain from such anger to the very people who backed team building albeit with the then wrong manager.

  • Well said Skunk and Mitchell. I dare say there is something in it but quite possibly just a case of EFL asking for more financial information on cash flow as we were borderline. We have offloaded a lot of wages and I would suggest they just need to make sure we are not acting irresponsibly. We all know that the pundits would be onto this and if there was anything to be found it would be in the open by now.
    Sit tight and wait as we at least have owners who want to invest, its just the rules that are making it difficult . The Vile haven’t got any money so they have to sell.

  • Don’t feel the need to argue about past things we’re Birmingham City not the vile the past is the past ancient history not one of us are historians. As regards to the owners they haven’t planned to get us in this position that’s not their plan yes they’ve been ill advised and maybe they should have got someone who far more experience to help with things. But we can’t blame them not even sure we can blame Redknapp. Maybe those Muppets they had to sack should be blamed but the end of the day that’s not going to change anything. We are one of 12 clubs under some Swords of Embargo 1 of 12 so come on it’s not just Birmingham is it it’s a league wide problem so maybe blame the EFL for undervaluing the championship. 84% of clubs in the championship I’ve had some time spent time in the Premier League that 84% of clubs with experience of premiership football so the championship should not be undervalued. Premiership Clubs are allowed 34 million pound of losses clubs coming down from the premiership are allowed 28 million of losses but we are only allowed 11 million pound losses. If we look at the finances it works out or I work it out to be 13.5 million I’ve lost He is We Made. So sell Stockdale get his wages off the books and any fee is a cash boost problem solved. Then we must get behind the players Garry Monk he’s staff and the team regardless of who they are or who’s playing. KRO

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