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“Asset stripping at its finest”- These Blues talk about potential twist surrounding 16 y/o ace

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These Blues fans have all been reacting to one possible scenario that could become of Jude Bellingham this summer.

There has been plenty of speculation surrounding the future of the 16-year-old, with some reports stating that he’s going to be heading to Germany to play for Borussia Dortmund, but just a few days ago, he was spotted taking a tour of Manchester United’s training ground.

So whilst it might seem as if his long-term future is pretty much sealed that it will be away from St Andrew’s, but as this article from The Times in January pointed out, the Blues want to keep him on loan for a little while longer, until the end of 2020/21.

Should Jude stay with us for 2020/21?





With all this in mind, @Blues_HQ asked the question on Twitter whether or not Bellingham should stay with us for another season, and the question drew some interesting responses.

It’s a scenario that wouldn’t necessarily be new to the Blues, given that Stoke City did a similar thing with Jack Butland when they signed him in January of 2013.

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  • tracey tyler says:

    Just get the best deal we can and move on

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    What people tend to forget is the 90 million odd we owe our owner. Is non repayable loan fund it does not have to be paid back. If we ever do win promotion then the owner can transfer these loans into shares. The reason it is put down as a loan is for tax breaks you do not pay tax on money you put into the club as alone but you do pay tax on money put into the club as an investment. It’s a way of getting round the tax that is all it is. So it’s not asset stripping it’s not debt in the way people look at debt. It is very different. Once we are promoted Mr King whose sister company Who submitted the loans or Gain full control of the club. That’s because the money Owen will be transferred into shares.

  • St Francis says:

    What we could do is sell him to Man Utd for a ridiculous figure (because he’s worth it!), then have him back on loan for a season. This is probably something that wouldnt happen if he went to Dortmund. But good luck to Jude whatever happens.

  • paul harris says:

    the club at the beginning of the season said they wanted to give youth a chance and to devolop ,as it stands any youth with potential will be sold and so will will never get a side cabable of promotion,Any youth that’s any good will sold and so the club has absolutely no intention of building a descent side.The board and the chairman should be kicked out as the supporters are always coming last.

  • tracey tyler says:

    We are a very very average side with three exceptions (and two of those are loans) so until something drastic happens we will always be a selling club and the hierarchy know that

  • Ijaz says:

    There is another factor which people need to take into account is Jude’s younger brother Jobe. If he goes to Dortmund then so does his family including Jobe. If Jude goes to Man Utd then there’s a good chance he’ll be loaned back. All these £30m to £50m fees can only come about if Jude signs a Pro contact with blues when he turns 17. Hopefully a sizeable chunk of the fee for Bellingham is made available for transfers. Probably starting with Scott Hogan.

  • smithy says:

    let us hope Bellingham ACTUALLY DOES sign a professional contract this June. Wouldn’t surprise me being BLUES that at the last minute he by passes us. As he isn’t committed to us . Whoever signs him will look for a way out of paying.

    • WayCoolBlue says:

      That cannot happen as his parents have already signed a preliminary contract Jude cannot sign it as he is not old enough but his parents have signed it on his behalf the contract will come into force in June. But even that does not guarantee or 30 to 50 million. For all we know those figures maybe well overhyped.

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