Date: 29th August 2019 at 7:00am
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Is this weekend’s game make or break for Pep Clotet?

That’s the simple question I find myself asking, predominantly off the back of a comment made by WayCoolBlue* on my article yesterday on how the fans thought the start of the season was going. As weird as it may seem, talking about a game in August being as important as that, but I think WayCoolBlue might be onto something here.

Now I want to take this opportunity to say, no I do not want Pep to be gone after this weekend nor do I think he will be gone. Mainly because I think we’re going to win, Stoke just haven’t shown anything to start the season off that would fill me with confidence if I was one of their fans. Even last night when they were 2-0 up against a second-string Leeds side they couldn’t finish the job, and were spared their blushes by virtue of a penalty shootout.

But, we can’t ignore the possibility that he could potentially lose his job if things do go south very quickly.

The owners of Birmingham City haven’t exactly been very patient with managers since they took over the club, and when you factor in the number of short stints that have existed in football, it wouldn’t exactly be a total surprise if they pulled the plug on things if they feel there were better alternatives out there.

Plus, and this is something I’ve spoken about before, the fact that he was given the title of ‘caretaker head coach’, does give the indication that he can be disposed of his job a lot quicker and easier than if he was there permanently, which again, history shows that it’s something the board are quite willing to do.

As I said, I don’t see us losing this game, then with the international break coming up on the other side of it, everything should be a lot more positive for a week or two. However, the fact that we’re even having this debate to start with, shows that there is some legitimate cause for concern.

*By the way, WayCoolBlue, I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but I really do like you, you’re a fine member of this site and your contributions are always welcome, I feel like the whole site and forum is a better place for your input, so keep up the good work.

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21 Replies to “Are we already on the verge of change at St Andrew’s? – Opinion”

  • Pep is probably not the right man not least because he has never managed at this level…he may well have been a coach or Asst Mgr but that is not the same. Stacking the team with Spanish second division players is a dangerous strategy and on the back of 3 away games which we have lost 0 -9 its already looking ominous. But as usual with Blues…be careful of what you wish for. In the event of Pep being given the boot, most fans’ choice will be Chris Hughton….but can anyone see Dong going down that route

    • Just seen this post.

      Ken which 3 away games are these?
      Brentford 1-0 to blues.
      Forest 0-3
      Swansea 0-3
      In basic maths thats 1 for 6 against.
      Still crap but correct nonetheless 🙂

    • Yeh…can you imagine taking a coach from Dortmund reserves, with no real senior football experience (bit like Pep) and then filling the team with unheard of players from the Germam 2nd and 3rd division (Germany, Spain…seeing the similarities) and THEN taking that team of mostly unheard players to the Premiership…I give you Daniel Farke!!!

      Arguably Pep has more experience in general, AND certainly more experience of the English game. He has a No2 that has been at a host of top European clubs and having used the Spanish 2nd division to buy players, it could be argued that Spanish football is of a higher standard than German.

      As usual, the bedwetting on here and by armchair Blues fans in general is laughable. I went into this season being fully prepared to settle for anywhere 16th to 21st while the team learns the new style…JUST LIKE NORWICH.

      I fully expect a “star” striker in the next window and personally hope Pep is left alone for the season regardless of where we finish. The “gerrintoem, fu**emoff” style is finished if you want to get anywhere…442 is for dinosaurs.
      The sooner our fans accept this, the sooner we can move on!

  • I think Pep should be given a little more time so try and sort out the way we play, just like Farke did. Yes, Monk should never have been sacked, but unfortunately that’s gone now and we have to move on. But what are the alternatives: Mark Hughes, Claude Puel, Chris Hughton, Alan Pardew, Tony Pulis, Aitor Karanka, Paul Clement, Nigel Adkins, Ian Holloway or Steve McClaren and never forget; Jose Mourinho, but actually would anybody choose any of these? possibly Chris Hughton? unless of course, there are other little known managers like Farke waiting in the wings.

  • Guys, l get as frustrated as the next bluenose, but l think we should reflect and just remember the journey we’ve been on and are still travelling. Pep has not got the charisma of Gary Monk, at the moment he appears to be tactically naive, especially away from home. I thought some of the football we played in the first half at Swansea looked quite good, but we lacked pace and a cutting edge. The Stoke game is massive, l think you will see a different approach, partly because of the availability of players, and largely because in my mind this is a must win game. As Bluenoses we’ve always been supportive of players and managers providing they give 100% for the club. I haven’t seen any evidence of lack of effort, so let’s hope our support matches the team’s determination too.

  • Fancy just burying your head in the sand and assuming Stoke will roll over. You couldn’t count on all the toes in dingle land how many home bankers we have lost!!!!!!

    Our only hope is we are clearly set up better for home than away because we have been walked all over in 4 away games!!

    Pep is clearly more negative than Monk ever was and the point of this farce was to have more of the ball now we have LESS. Sorry but he don’t inspire and is not a leader. The cracks are there, it’s just that some of us see the car crash before others

  • We have to think of our fans paying good money at forest and 30 quid for swansea to see not one chance in 180 minutes that is not good enough i can stand us losing but not turning up got to give pep a chance but the owners wont kro

    • It’s early days, of course, but really we shouldnt be saying games are “must win” before August is out. But that feeling is I think due to the underwhelming signings that have been made. It’s bizarre…we signed 2 Spaniards from a sister club none of us knew we had, one of whom has been sent straight back on loan and the others making up the bench numbers, 2 more who we’re told have bags of potential, the reserve goalie from Real Madrid when we have 5 on the books, a centre half on loan from chelsea who cant get on the bench. Sunjic looks ok but apart from him the midfield is classless and clueless

  • Please explain what you see in pep? Every managerial job he has had he has been sacked from. Come on wake up!!! He got sacked from oxford a couple of years ago. He’s not good enough and he is arrogant for taking the job in the first place he should of stood up to the owners and said no I’m not good enough to take this club forward.

  • If I remember correctly It took 22/23 games and endless booing and abuse of Zola before he did the honorable thing and resigned, so do we honestly believe Ram is going to sack Clotet after half a dozen games????

  • WayCoolBlue has got a lot of things right so far this season. Pep needs to start winning games and with the right stile. Ren won’t be happy with 1-0 smash and grabs.

  • Tippy tap pay football is ok when the opposition doesn’t press, which they all do in the championship. We are to easy to play against. Win the battle and the better players will win you the game. Like it or lump it that’s how life is in the championship.

  • Pep seems to be building his hopes on Montero who is an impact player at best. Very hard to be optimistic.
    We still have a goalkeeping problem – a weaker defence without Morrison and a one man attack. Yet to see any of the signings give consistent inspiring performances. Forecast against Stoke – 0-0 or even 0-1.

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