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Are the Blues out of the woods when it comes to their spending? – Report

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It’s not the biggest or best signal that things are picking up, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

Kieran Maguire recently spoke to Benjamin Bloom on his YouTube channel and he discussed the financial situation at Birmingham City. With the Blues having gone through a tough couple of months last season with the Financial Fair Play penalty, it certainly left them hamstrung slightly.

However, Maguire believes that Birmingham have got a little bit more breathing room when it comes to their finances:

“Yes, I think very much so – they know that they’re being monitored very carefully. Certainly the player sales mean they will be fine with FFP. They are not on a 39m three-year tariff, they are on £13m last season – and it will be £26m and then we will get £39 at the end of three years. You have paid your tariff of nine points and the clock will reset to zero.”

To me, this gives the indication that the Blues have been given the opportunity to dive deeper in the January window if they feel they have to. There are a couple of fans out there that think the squad could do with some tweaking here and there, and whilst I’m not amongst them per se, it’s not something I necessarily something I’m against.

I have said before that I think the Blues aren’t exactly short in the center-forward position, mainly because I think Jude Bellingham can adapt to playing that role so it’s not exactly crucial that we go out and spend. However, I certainly wouldn’t be against the idea of us bringing in a more experienced player just as a backup option for Lukas Jutkiewicz. It doesn’t even have to be a transfer fee, if we use that money to pay for the wages of a free agent, I wouldn’t be against it totally be against it.

What about you? Do you think that this gives Birmingham the green light to be a bit more adventurous when it comes to the transfer market? Or do you think that the Blues still need to exercise some caution when it comes to spending?

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