Date: 21st April 2016 at 2:57pm
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I have posted several articles of late trying to fathom why Birmingham City kept dropping points against teams in the bottom half of the table whilst managing to beat the likes of Ipswich Town 3-0. At the time of writing those pieces, I thought it may be because we are predictable. Lesser teams know what we are going to do and therefore have no fear against us whilst better teams try and implement their own strategy on the game leaving us to counter.

However, having seen the team in the last couple of weeks, I would say that we have become too unpredictable. Considering a late equalizer in the Preston game was a shock to me. We usually have been the ones on the front foot when finishing games, pinching a goal here or there and managing to preserve a lead if indeed we have one. But the way in which we tired on Tuesday night, wasn’t the Birmingham City that I have seen for most parts of this season.

Also, the team selections have been very strange. Legzdins was given an opportunity in a couple of games where I must say, I was very impressed with him but then TK was back in goal on Tuesday. We probably won’t get play-offs but why change something like that? Surely, Legzdins should have finished the season off in goal as his performances deserved it. I would have understood a change such as bringing Viv in as he needs match experience and it’s a good time to do it in preparation for next season. Brown and Arthur could have also got an opportunity to shine. But instead, we have done changes that haven’t really been of benefit to the team if we were to look ahead to next year.

Donaldson switching onto the wing was also a strange decision. He is our top scorer and not the most pacey player. So why put him in a position that he doesn’t have the skill for, when he is most effective down the middle? Lafferty and Vaughan would have been fine out wide as they like to beat a man with skill and pace whereas Donaldson is more comfortable at heading and receiving crosses in the box.

I love how far the Blues’ have come since the days of the Reebok great escape and I am very pleased with the job that Rowett is doing. But sometimes we as fans, have to question some decisions, and I’m afraid this is the time to do so.

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