Date: 18th May 2018 at 5:00pm
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Installing a winning mentality seems to be central to Garry Monk’s transfer strategy for this summer. The manager has already done a great deal by improving the mental side of the game with players already in the squad, but it seems he feels he needs new signings that could move this club forward.

There has been a huge turnover of players since Gary Rowett left in 2016, and despite the changes, the club has gone backwards after flirting with relegation over the last two seasons. The man in charge feels that key adjustments may need to be made to the squad once again:

“The key for the team that’s here next season is that the mentality has to change. There has to be a change of what we saw, elements of what we saw, but even better and even more.”

“Every player that’s going to be here needs to be a player that needs to be fighting for better than what the club’s been doing – that mentality for sure, to be driven and have the capabilities to be able to put that on the pitch.”

No doubt, Monk means to keep quite a few who have shown the right mentality. However, it seems he wants a complete cultural shift in the squad. With every team starting from zero at the beginning of next campaign, he wants everyone looking up rather than looking down the table.

Of course, past experiences can colour your attitudes, and those players who have experienced the last two campaigns will have some nagging worries in the back of their mind that we could be back down near the bottom again next season.

The manager is looking to nip this in the bud as earlier as possible. It could mean he’ll go as far as putting together a new group of core players that have the mentality he is looking for.

However, with the constraints of Financial Fair Play, that would likely be unrealistic unless he recruits a number of free transfers. Even so, the focus of recruitment this summer will likely not only look at a player’s ability but also who has the experience of winning.

Having people in the squad who have been there and done it, gives the team an added edge. Those who experience success generally rub off on others around them, creating a positive atmosphere and developing a group of winners.

It’s not an exact science but with the attention to detail that Monk possesses, I am sure he already has a number of players in mind who fit the exact requirements. As mentioned in a previous post, our manager always does his research on players and clubs before making decisions.

He usually talks to former coaches or teammates of those he is looking to recruit, and he will likely have profiles on targets he is looking to sign. Whether we’ll be able to recruit them, we’ll have to wait and see.

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6 Replies to “An Insight Into The Type Of Player Monk Will Look To Sign At Birmingham”

  • I’m afraid it’s back to the bad old days. It looks like Monk has already been told to sell any player that can command a transfer fee and if he wants any in to look for free transfers providing they don’t pay more than the minimum working wage

    • Clive thats a very negative point you are making. Do you honestly think that Gary Monk would have taken the job if what you are saying is true, because I don’t.Time will tell if I am right but I know Gary Monk is a winner and is very well thought of in the game, cheer up be positive give the fella a chance

  • In some ways Redknapp identified this when he lambasted the then current squad, after the defeat at Burton, which resulted in Blues bringing in a total of 13 players. Yes, it wasn’t really thought through and has since reappeared to result in us being in breach of FFP, further hampering us in THIS close season transfer window.
    If there’s any upside, then it’s that, the ‘transfer panel’ of Vetere, Dein and Ren, plus Redknapp and his list, have ALL now gone, THANKFULLY.
    In Redknapps, sort of defense, of all the players who came in, they WEREN’T ALL HIS SIGNINGS, the ‘transfer panel’ were ALL bringing in their OWN players, maybe if they’d kept to Redknapps list,and tried harder to get the likes of Flint, Bryan, Downing and Hughill instead of THEIR picks of Roberts, N’Doye, Boga, Walsh and Gallagher then, who knows what could’ve happened. Look,we are where we are, and somehow we’re STILL in the Championship and looking as if our owners, have FINALLY learned their lessons and got rid of Vetere, Dein and Redknapp, done away with the ‘transfer panel’ and appointed THE RIGHT MAN in Garry Monk and appear to be leaving him alone to MANAGE.
    He has got, without doubt, a lot of tough decisions to make, but, as he’s already started by releasing Lowe and Shinnie and listed Stockdale, seems to be more than up to it.
    In Garry Monk I FIRMLY BELIEVE !!!

    K R O

  • No doubt about it the shock news regarding Stockdale has taken many bluenoses by surprise.How little we know what goes on behind closed doors and rightly so.Monk and possibly Cotterill before must have seen something amiss or it may be down purely to finance. Redknapp must take the flack for the over the top wages given out with Dean,Colin,Stockdale,Roberts and Jota all put into dreamland. If you add Gallagher to that list then one can see the hideous state of affairs that has blighted the season.No blame for the players who saw Harry coming. Monk knows what is needed and I get the impression he is more than just a footballing man.He has an intelligence about him and is quick to acknowledge his own past errors-not great ones-but those he has learnt by.Leeds and Middlesbrough were far from failures but in BCFC I feel this modest man,who catapulted Swansea into a respected club,has found his real place in order to reinvent himself as well as us.Good match all round.

  • .gary monk will surprise a lot of teams next season. He a horse wisperer. Look them in the eyes and asks for
    their souls. Monk will bin the junk.

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