Date: 18th September 2019 at 8:00pm
Written by: Mark Day

This past week has given plenty of Blues fans the chance to talk about one particular game.

The memorable night at St Andrew’s when we beat Aston Villa 3-0.

Our left-back that day was Martin Grainger, and his response to a video about Peter Enckelman’s now famous (or infamous depending on what side of Birmingham you come from) error in the Second City Derby sparked a bit of a debate from journalist Brian Dick.

He said that Grainger was Birmingham City’s greatest ever left-back, but threw open the doors for people to throw up their own suggestions.

The topic certainly threw out some interesting names and some very convincing reasons why.

Although I must confess I’m a little bit on the young side to know exactly how good most of these players were, so I’m going to rely on you guys to tell me about them. The best name that comes to my mind during my ‘era’ is Jonathan Spector.

So who was your favourite left-back, and more importantly why?

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