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“Adios Pep”, “only at our club”- Some Blues fans left in two minds as head coach finally departs

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He just had to do it last night didn’t he?

Minutes after I’d gone to bed, the announcement came through. Although perhaps some of the blame lies with me for not reading the signs when he didn’t turn up to his post-match press conference. No smoke without fire as they say.

Well the Pep Clotet era is finally at an end now, as the club announced that the Spaniard will no longer be running the team. This should hardly come as a surprise given the bad form that the club was in since the restart, now Blues will be hoping for that ‘new manager bounce’ effect to kick in to try and keep the club from sliding further and further towards the relegation zone.

Were the club correct to get rid of Clotet at this point?





So when the news came through, there were two main emotions running around. Joy that a change had finally been made, and anger that this seemed like a bit of a pointless gesture without substantial change at boardroom level.

What about you? What do you make of the news?

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  • tracey tyler says:

    No motivator ,rubbish coach,gone 11 months too late

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    Should Have Been Gone immediately as soon as he decided to resign his position. It’s obvious that his heart was not in it at all after that he had struggled in the first place anyway so on to the next one Whoever that may be. Robbie Fowler being the favourite he has actually said he would be interested in the job. It may be the case that no one else wants the job with this board in charge.

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