Date: 20th August 2019 at 9:27am
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With the frailties already been shown after three games by Blues, it is obvious this period of transition is very fragile.

The Brentford win was fortunate, Bristol City home was nervy and Forest away was simply a case of the wrong tactics and wrong team selection. Tracey Tyler an avid commenter hit the nail firmly on the head regarding the winger Lolley. Seddon should have played to counteract the obvious-a hiding for Pedersen. However, three games in and four fortunate points to build upon.

Clotet was always going to struggle with the new instructions issued by above and the abject failure not to replace a successor to Adams May well be to his cost. He is , in my opinion, blameless as I feel this likeable man is not in any position to stretch the extra mile and get what the club needs-a quality striker. Above all, we need leadership and character and a system of play that everybody understands, which appears totally missing at present.

Toughness and resilience appears to have gone and this is not necessarily down to Adams and Morrison but more of an overall assessment so far. We are just three games in so most would argue that these ‘are early days’ and yes they are but the seasoned supporters are not fooled by what they see.

It is easy to quickly spot the odd weakness that can be rectified but they can also detect an underlying red flag warning in the shape of general frailty and the need to toughen up. Tomorrow at home to Barnsley must produce a robust performance of dominance and the desire not to be bullied. With Brentford we got lucky, against Bristol City we competed only just and Forest simply took over without any need for a bit of bullying. Clotet needs to bury this Blues team weak underbelly very quickly. Supporters will accept most things but not this.

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6 Replies to “A weak underbelly? Supporters will accept most things but not this.”

  • Where Ren got things wrong regarding wanting more attacking football is we didn’t need to change our system, we just needed a team with more attack minded players, 4-4-2 was working really well for us last season and what we needed to do was improve the personnel and build upon what the players had bought into NOT rip everything apart and start again. I’m sure if Pep was left to do it his own way he’d do a better job than the one Ren is obviously ordering him to do. The problem is with Ren also is that his peers think the sun shines out of his arse so we’re gonna be stuck with him for a long while yet.

  • We have used 4-4-2 during games up to now so this really isn’t down to any particular formation, its about the players we have available and finding what works best.
    We don’t have wing backs who can both defend and have the ability and pace to get past people. Some might call for Seddon but he had a nightmare defending against Portsmouth so has a bit more developing to do. Not a bad option on the wing though.

    Our attacking players don’t have pace which is a shame when we now have creative players who could pick out runners. The same creative players are operating as attackers and have not shown any signs of getting behind defenders or creating openings yet so its not going to be easy working out our best set up. We need wide attacking players as an option to change a game and Montero is just perfect when available, so rather than spray blame all over the people who are trying to make BCFC a more attractive footballing side and paying for the right to do so, lets have a bit of patience and allow the players and staff some time to get to know each other and work out the best formations and tactics during games.

    • Gazal, we are not in a position where we can allow too much time for players to get used to playing “attractive” football and to get used to new systems and one another. On Saturday they played like they’d never even met their teammates and that’s a huge step back imo. Ren is the impatient one trying to change too much too soon. We still don’t have the quality of players to play how he wants us to play. I pay my money and travel a long way for games home and away and what I want to see is us win, I don’t particularly care how we do it, yes I would love to see us playing wonderful free flowing football ala Man City, but we’re not them nor are we likely to be like them, you play to your strengths and playing attractive football doesn’t guarantee you will win.

  • Back four for me too, Colin,Dean,Roberts,Pedersen…..but now the tricky part the midfield… Montero (If available),Gardner, Sonjic, Seddon????? that means leaving Davis out…..then the front two….. so who would you play….Crowley, Villalba, Jukes or Gimenez….a selection headache for sure… you go for flair or a solid team???? One worrying aspect is I spoke to a Baggies fan about Montero and he said he did not track back at all and help out the defence out while he was at the Hawthorns… either way I will be there tonight cheering the Lads on but as with with every game not entirely confident what the outcome will be.

  • Bellingham needed if only on the bench. Let’s get that old ‘Francis feeling ‘ at St. Andrews back. Psychologically it would get the place buzzing.

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