Date: 30th August 2018 at 4:30pm
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There doesn’t seem to be a way back for David Stockdale if Garry Monk’s latest words on the goalkeeper are anything to by.

Talking to Tom Ross in an interview for his podcast Goalzone, the manager said there were various reasons for why players such as Stockdale have been asked to leave. You can listen to the full interview below (start at 3:32 to hear him talk about the goalkeeper):

Fans on Twitter are frustrated that our no.13 will not be considered even he does stay beyond tomorrow’s deadline:

Somes fans agree with Monk’s approach:

Personally, I do think that finances are part of the equation here. The way Monk skirts away the question to say that there could be footballing reasons, but also ‘club’ considerations in play suggest that his sizeable wages could be a major problem.

Still, if he does stay, it seems that he will only be picking Connal Trueman or Lee Camp, at least until the January window opens.

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7 Replies to “‘A mistake’ – Many Birmingham Fans Frustrated As Monk Is Asked Again About Stockdale’s Future”

  • Seddon departure certainly smacks of financial problems.Week by week we appear to be getting more threadbare.Add this to the suicidal saga of the goalkeeping circus- then IMO the club is teetering on a senior player injury away from a club meltdown despite Monks continual delight with his players performances. Something does not feel right for me and with the about turn with the fringe players on the move certainly changes the mood.

  • Difficult period for the club at the moment.Just hope GM isn’t being too bloody minded about the vital goalkeeping position. This area could certainly be the difference between keeping us in the bottom three all season. QPR will no doubt be targeting this area.

  • Understanding this site is based primarily on none stories, a click bate scenario, then really I shouldn’t be drawn into replying, however, I’m fed up with what’s published on here.
    All you seem to do is spew negativity, and try and generate unrest between supporters and Garry Monk.
    I certainly don’t feel things are that bad, no, we haven’t won, yet, but, the teams playing well, just not putting the ball in the back of the net, but that’ll come.
    My message to any Blues fans that aren’t behind Garry and the players he picks, is “GET BEHIND THEM” BE PATIENT, HE’S ON THE RIGHT TRACK, RESULTS WILL COME.
    I think most fans do get it, I don’t think for one minute everyone’s disenchanted with what he’s doing.
    The situation is not ideal, but Monks doing the best he can, under very tight constraints.
    Monk has his reasons for “bombing out” certain players, and it’s blatantly clear, even if they don’t leave before the end of the loan market closes, he WILL NOT integrate them back into the first team squad, so, accept it, live with it, and as I’ve said, GET BEHIND MONK AND THE BOYS. !!!

    Oh, and take anything reported on this site with a VERY, VERY LARGE PINCH OF SALT. !!!

    IN MONK I 100% TRUST !!!

    K R O

    • Loyally Blues Forever is uplifting and commendable.However we supporters are tired and weary of dodging the bullet each season.Monk May be right and results will come-equally they may not.What concerns us is the continual weakening of the squad.Each season gets harder and it shouldn’t. For me I can back Monk and will,but if this man gets us relegated with a great deal down to the goalkeeping position,then it will be hard to swallow. Trueman and Camp May be decent at their job but Championship Football is out of their league.

  • We don’t know the reasons behind Stockdale and Kuszczak being frozen out. That is part of the problem. Is it a footballing reason or finances.

  • Camp is the worst goalkeeper in the division by s mile if he is not replaced we are doomed who gave him a two year contract did our goalkeeping coach recommend him? Surely there must have been a better keeper out there we have three

  • stop moaning about the goalkeeper situation the lads are playing well and camp has only played three games get off his back and give him a chance,i think if you look back to last season you will see quite a few mistakes by stockdale on his near-post personally not keen on stocks do prefer kuszczak.

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