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“A disgrace to the shirt”, “spineless”- Many Blues fans left furious to the latest defeat

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So, we didn’t quite get that ‘new manager bounce’ did we?

And if I were to drop my take on the whole thing in here, you can make the argument that maybe it’s the players that are to blame, not so much the guys in the dugout.

Blues fell to Stoke City this afternoon, with the team still looking for our first win since the season restarted.

As you can tell by the reaction to the team news being announced, this was a very different looking Blues side from the one that we have been used to seeing over the course of the season, as caretaker bosses Steve Spooner and Craig Gardner tried to ‘put their mark’ on the side, and quite clearly it didn’t work out.

Will the new manager be in place by the time this season is finished?





So when the final whistle went, there was only really one emotion that Blues fans on social media could muster, and that was one of anger at what the club has become.

What about you? What did you make of the result?

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  • tracey tyler says:

    Why play 3 at the back when we know we do not have the players to do so,cart horse Long throw no result Roberts,over rated Dean and rookie Gordon and on top of that no width what so ever and Harding played out of position. We have certainly found a lot about Spooner and Gardner after this dismal dismal performance,pathetic display,gutless,players do not care,great advert to us fans to renew our season tickets this was.

  • R Smith says:

    I predicted 3 matches ago that we wouldn’t get another point this year, sadly it looks like I am going to be right. More importantly who is going to want to manage a league 1 team which is what we will probably be, and just which of our “stars” are we going to be able to offload for a decent price in order for the mastermind Dong to do a rebuilding job for next season? I can see us buying up 10 Spanish division 3 players as the core of our new team.
    Oh well with luck the Chinese will sell us and we can start again with owners who have an inkling about football.

    • Richard Williams says:

      Our problems stem from further up to senior management of the club. Whoever they do get to manage us in the future will have to do what they want because they all know better than anyone they have appointed. It always appears to be micro management situation. What signal does that send out to the players. My choice would be Big Sam Alladyce to put the wind up this squad, but no chance if we’re league one as our next step

    • Griff says:

      Completely agree. I wouldn’t trust Dong to wipe his arse! Useless wa*ker!!

  • St Francis says:

    Absolutely pathetic. I had hoped we’d get at least a draw. No ideas, no commitment, no interest, no inclination, just fighting fires from the first minute. Feel sorry for Bellingham, he tried so hard and got so frustrated, so much talent and insight its untrue, good luck in the future. Look forward to travelling to Northampton next season – really, really rubbish, the rest of the players should hang their heads in shame!, we only need one more win FFS.

    • John flavel says:

      Bellingham was one of the worst players in the first half he showed a few signs in the second half but wasn’t good enough. He’s been good most season but in that game he was dog awful.

  • DOUGIE NFT says:


  • Roy says:

    Probably the worse team ever to pull on a Blues shirt. Been watching them since Brummie bashers tag in fifties. We always had fighters even if at times they lacked skill but this lot are gutless. We will probably still survive but this team don’t deserve the fantastic fans following the team. Next season throw in the kids as they cannot possibly worse than this lot of losers.

  • Smithy says:

    Letting Marabti Davis and Maghoma go early is biting us now. Mitchell described it as arrogance by the club thinking we could just coast through these nine games. This has all the hallmarks of post Carling Cup when we just couldn’t buy a win. Wigan will be our saviour.

  • Jimmy says:

    I blame the owners for everything that is happening. I have no interest in criticising the players. All the criticism should be directed at the owners at every opportunity . They need to know what a mess they have made of running our club . Why bother blaming the players even when we are threatening the play offs the owners sack the manager . We were 7th under Gary Rowett . Shambles .

    • Mollsy says:

      Totally agree! Dong is a joke! A complete figure of fun. I doubt you’ll read this feedback Dong because you don’t care, but if you do, I want you to know that all you lack is a shiny red nose and spinning dickie bow. You’re a clown!

  • Trev says:

    I hate you Dong

  • Baz says:

    What damage has that Spanish b******d done! Should never have appointed him. Message to the owners.. ‘Are you incapable of learning anything’

  • Wallyb says:

    Motivation is the key – Pep had no idea – Dong probably has no clue what the word means – the new guys stuffed up and made it worse. Get Trevor Francis in the dressing room before the Charlton game and give these “players” a talk and get them on the field with a “Yes we can” attitude. Pep should have been shown the door a long time ago and we should have had Chris Haughton in charge and be in the top ten not hoping other teams lose to save us.

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