Date: 20th June 2019 at 4:23pm
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Written by Mitchell Bray:

Since last Monday’s bombshell announcing Garry Monk’s sacking the dust is certainly not settling.

Monk always appeared to me to be a respected figure both on and off the pitch. It seems this departure has undoubtedly grabbed much bigger sympathy to that of Gary Rowett’s sacking.

Threats of withholding season tickets, planned demonstrations and so on, appear in our social media timelines which indicate, in my opinion, that this will drag on for some time to come.

However, and it’s a big however, there are always two sides to a story.

BCFC Director Edward Cheng has released a statement via Birmingham Live explaining the reasons behind the sacking. This is certainly worth our consideration and reflection. Nobody has extolled the admiration of Garry Monk more than myself and I am still bitterly saddened by his departure, but being a reasonable person, I will take in what Edward Cheng has said. I’m still not sure how to feel.

So far we have heard of ‘expansive football and integrating under-23’s into the first team squad. This again needs thought as it could imply we are cash strapped or is it a genuine desire to give our talented youth the big chance.

My hope is that some stability will eventually be witnessed at St.Andrews and us fans can enjoy at least a couple of seasons concentrating purely on the football.

At the moment this club is not the BCFC that I have grown up with. I feel at odds with the management, as well as alienated and bewildered by their decision making.

I also, and I can’t be alone, feel ignored by BCFC. This recent and most damning occurrence will possibly be the final straw for some supporters as to whether they continue to pay their money. However, I guess, as I said earlier, there are two sides to the story. We as individuals make our own decision as to what we believe.

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13 Replies to “The Garry Monk Sacking. Two Sides To Every Story.”

  • No smoke without fire so something must have been bad for the club to make this decision. Lets face it its their money and reputation on the line so o doubt it was a spur of the moment or rash decision.

    Always down when we lose or bad things happen but I will still be siting in my seat this season supporting the club I love. Withholding support is not supporting the club, its just like not enough presents at Christmas and telling your parents you hate them.
    Does my nut in, and lets face it there is no level of fan protest that will make any difference apart from damaging the club. And N,o the owners are not damaging the club, they own it and put a lot of hard work into trying to make it good for themselves if not the supporters.

  • They want promotion at all costs they don’t want it for us they don’t give a dam about us. They just want to increase the stok value. Before they strip assets from the club. And then move on. And just tell me how we get a dynamic attaking side out of the players we have. It’s the Zola crap all over again. How can we trust them they have already broke FFP roles knowing full well what they are doing. I would love promotion but not at the risk of losing my club. Anyone how supports that are completely Nutts. I can not be party to that and will not put my money in to that plan. Protest against them TTAOUT = RENOUT . See you all on Saturday 14:00 outsider St Andrews KRO

  • Whether or not you wish pay your money to sit in the stands is entirely a personal one, so I wish people would desist from trying to preach to other fans. There is undoubtedly 2 sides to this story. However in the 50 plus years I have been going to St Andrews I have never felt such a disconnect with the supporter base. The stated ambition by the current owners of possession based attacking football are both laudable and at the same time naïve in my opinion. We know that a number of our development players have looked elsewhere, which supports Rens account. However he complains that there was no sit down with the manager at the end of the season, who”s fault is that?. Finally, if the ambitions are as stated, how does promoting CLOTET to the head role(temporarily) go anyway along progressing towards that goal. Surely he is also part of the problem along with MONK and NOT the solution. Sadly I renewed season ticket again , in this case too early I fear. Relegation odds on for us I would say, as recruitment will be difficult.

  • Yes to side’s to every story but We have only had one side that I totally disagree with and do not belive because I have seen firsthand the truth we all seen it with the work in the community galvanising a average team reinstating the support giving us hope. All in the wake of FFP restraints.

    Now Who here agreed that Monk did not care about the Job who believes that he was out for himself . No one that’s who

    Now look at it with open eyes Who believes he did a fantastic job who believes he got the playing stile spot on. Who believes he knows a lot more about the game of football than Ren and his faceless boss’s.

    Who do you trust the people that set out to brake the rules knowing full well what they are doing or the manager that told us all that the financial problems run deeper than he was told and then he is removed from his job.

    Think about it and it comes clear KRO

  • Balanced and clarity are the two words for me.Perhaps the hysteria will now calm right down. Ren probably has decent explanations and so does Garry Monk I would imagine. It is all part and parcel of the footballing world.

  • They ain’t got a chance with this lot, do you know what I mean. We need stability and it ain’t gonna happen here!

  • I’m very confused about the reports that have come out today. My gut feeling tells me these dodgy lot are covering their a****,after all we have heard virtually nothing from them in the past and then WOW two of them putting out statements in 24 hours…yeah right, they might fool some of the supporters but not me and many others. I hope I can get a good signal next season when I’m painting and listening to the games…whilst saving money!

  • Bigger picture is we now need extra players.As we stand the team need midfielders and at least one winger.Jota going is not much of a problem but creativity within the midfield is paramount.Next few weeks will certainly test the ‘new management format’ with these requirements.Also of course the question of the goalkeeper.My money is on an urgent return of Stockdale. This could be one bonus of GM’s departure.

  • If I’m reading your message right Mitchell your suggesting anything is better than Camp. Well I agree with that but surely we cant replace with an overweight goalkeeper, you know what I mean.
    I’m hearing a lot of noise from my fellow workers in the decorating trade around brum that we ay got any cash so how on earth are we going to make us a better team next season? and I ain’t sure that Clotet(or is it Clothead..ha!) is anything more than a stop-gap whilst we plan for relegation and a merger as someone said this week on VFBC with the Sky blues

  • Yes Benidorm,I am more or less saying that Camp isn’t hard to improve on.He fills me with dread every time the ball enters his orbit. Stockdale has to be used surely in view of the colossal wages he is on.Somewhere within he has to be reasonably decent. Get a good goalkeeping coach to work on him pre season and then who knows.In the meantime look around your decorating mates for a steady handed five litre emulsion handler-he might be needed.

  • Fair play Mitchell I can appreciate what your saying. I suppose Stockdale should be brought back into the frame but to be honest mucker I don’t really rate this one either. His overweight for a goalkeeper and seeing him in his last games in Blues goal the last games of the season before(good example home v’s Sheffield United) tells me he ain’t the right one but as you refer to, possibly better than Camp, you know what I mean.

  • Basically whatever way we choose to look at it, the club is going down with the set up we have. I’m not being negative just realistic. 46 games to be played at St.Andrews next season? Cmon how on earth is the pitch going to stay in prestine condition with a heavy winter? Players of average quality,”manager” with a poor track record….Mmmmm?
    I’m looking to people like Malcolm X to say it as it is, the guy speaks from the heart and is always hard hitting but honest…Mitchell : Can you help? I know Malcolm X posted he was finished with his support of the club, and can understand his reasons, but can you get him back with us? What do the others think?

  • It appears the inclusion of Stockdale to the first Wast Hills training with the squad may be a plus. He simply has to return unless we get a better keeper than Camp. As regards hope for better news at the club-we can always wish this.Malcolm X and I am sure many like him have been sponged out with flickers of hope e.g.GM only to be blown out at critical times.We start the season with not a great summer break so far but it could change.Keeping Adams,two quality midfielders and a decent keeper might just get Malcolm out from under the duvet.

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