Date: 16th February 2018 at 2:23pm
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The Blues have got another big game this weekend in terms of our survival hopes.

Last weekend against Villa was far from ideal but there`s still plenty to be optimistic about and that is something we need to focus on.

The players have shown a real togetherness and understanding in recent weeks and if we can get back to that against the Lions we should be able to get three points.

They are awful away from home, too, so with that in mind and if we get these three things right, we should be back to winning ways this weekend?

Be patient

As I`ve mentioned, Millwall`s away form is not good and so they`re more than likely going to sit in and try and make things frustrating for us.

With that in mind, we need to be patient in this one and take our time trying to break them down. With some of our attacking players showing better form of late we should be able to unlock things eventually, and so not getting worked up is the key in this one.

Keep the ball on the deck

If we go aerial more often than not, Neil Harris` men are going to be able to deal with that.

They`re very good at old-school type defending and so we need to be a bit smarter than that. We`ve got the players to get the ball on the floor and zip it about so that`s what we need to do.
Gradually we`ll wear them down and get the goals for victory.

Keep calm

The defeat against Villa was obviously frustrating last weekend and some of the players let their tempers boil over.

With that in mind, then, we need to be cooler when the pressure is on and instead react in the right way when the Lions look to frustrate.

If we can remain calm and respond in the right way there`s no reason why we can`t get our good recent run of form back on track.

Agree? Disagree? What three things do you think we need to do?

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11 Replies to “3 things that Birmingham need to do to beat Millwall”

  • Totally agree. I don’t think this game is going to be that difficult if we pass the ball on the deck. If we try and play them at their own game with long ball football as we did at The Den, it will be the same outcome. Hopefully SC learnt an obvious lesson from the first game. I think we will be a superior team this time around, and have too much for them.

  • Also think attack when the time is suitable for the whole of the match, get poachers in the box and alternate between Jota , Boga ,mags and Adams , just after half time , ,,…..we need a settled side before next season starts ..except for a couple of loan players that have to go back ….that might have to be replaced ….We need to start now looking for players at the right price not wait till half way through the window ..we have the basis of a good side but need more to go all the way …super BLUES COME ON …..

  • Spot on with the tactics. Keep it on the floor and attack them with pace. To do this we need to play midfielders who can pass. Davis will miss this one through injury and Ndoye will be suspended. I would actually drop Kieftenbeld as well as he could do with a rest. I’d bring back Lowe and Gardner as the two sitting midfielders and Adams for Davis. I’d also play Jenkinson at LB and revert Colin to the right. So my side would be Stockdale, Colin, Roberts, Dean, Jenkinson, Gardner, Lowe, Maghoma, Adams, Boga, Gallagher.

  • 3things to beat Millwall? Firstly don?t play like we did against Villa.Secondly don?t be shot shy like we were at Villa.Thirdly don?t use our subs.anywhere remotely like we did against Villa.

  • One shot on target and again Adams on with paltry minutes left.I have really tried to support Cotterill but this woeful man is woeful every inch.

  • Ohio. I am yet to jump into the Cotterill club in spite of the many who have been singing his praises lately. Since he walked through the door I haven’t seen anything to persuade me away from my initial criticism of him being a lower league manager. We beat a very poor Sunderland team, and a out of form Sheffield Wednesday, who were also beat 3 nil at Hillsborough by Burton on New Years day. Those facts were ignored by those claiming we have turned a corner which was a bit naive IMO. I have said it before, I don’t know if he will keep us up or not? But what I do know, is the traits of a lower league manager is poor ‘game management’ which is very concerning at present.

  • I urge every fan to listen to his comments with Richard Wilford of WM. This I heard an hour ago and I have never heard such banal reasoning for this latest debacle.It really defies all logic and a thorough insult to us fans who have him as our manager’.He will take us down ,I have no doubt about this.Also I am convinced he doesn?t rate Adams for whatever reason.We have drawn all the short straws this season and for what we have endured during the dark years of 2011-16 ,it really does feel like a miserable decade that appears to get worse by the season.It is not just today?s result that has got to me ,but it is the dislike for the club that I never used to have.

  • BS.As always you make good points and thought out comments.However your latter comment about being unsure as to Cotterill being able or not to keep us in this division is ,IMO,a no brainer.We do possibly have the players to survive albeit only just, but this manager cannot plan a 90 minute game with tactical nous. Substitutions are his main weakness where you can take many games that shout out for early changes-he cannot see them.Glaringly he cannot see that the most times we lose games is late on e.g.70 minutes onwards.His decision to keep Adams ?cold? for most games is baffling and of course a great boost for our opponents. So onwards we go to Brentford and what next? Tactically he should play Adams and Gallagher together from the start,with Colin reverting to right back and If Jenkinson cannot play left then play Bramall.Last season at Brentford,Gallagher ran them ragged in the final game of the season.Blackburn won and Gallagher played up front a little to the right. He formed a lethal partnership with Graham as a two pronged big men attack.Cotterill would never see this and I expect he will use the non contributor Boga only because Chelsea are stumping up most of his wages. However going back to my original point- it would be nice,although fanciful,that Cotterill can save us and we all hope he can,but I just cannot see it.He Firstly has to get this enormous chip off his shoulder and take lessons from Benitez or similar as to how to motivate and use players skills to their maximum.At the moment he is like most players he inherits-downward spiralling with no sight of a safety net.

  • Ohio. Thank you for the compliments. I hear and feel your frustrations. I also understand your disbelief re: my comments of SC keeping us in the division so let me explain further. I?m not sure whether there are teams 3 who will mess up more than us by the end of the season. That?s it, solely why I am reluctant to say at this point we are doomed. I have no confidence in SC whatsoever, and never have I. If I had to describe him in a sentence it would be ?the great pretender who doesn?t fool me?. I didn?t go to the villa game but watched on Sky. And when we went 2 down the camera panned on him in the dugout, he was looking at a piece of paper and talking to LC. And what I saw was a manager out of his depth, who had no clue what to do. He looked like the proverbial ?rabbit caught in the headlights?. Sure enough we lost the game with him displaying zero game management once again. And then in true SC style he deflected any criticism away from himself with lame excuses. Which may I add is a risky tactic because sooner or later the players and fans will see through what he is doing and turn against him? If he loses the dressing room and the support of the Cotterill Club as a result, we will be relegated for sure. So at present, and with emphasis on present ? with no confidence in SC my hope is in at least 3 other clubs doing worse than us.

  • Yes BS that is the only way you can look at our possible survival.What should be considered however is the fact that those three teams did strengthen in the window,unlike ourselves,who now find ourselves getting depleted by the week with injuries and suspensions.This was,IMO,a deliberate ploy by our owners who have thrown in the towel some time ago.They will be gone come June.If you doubt their intentions,just consider this:- Should we lose at Brentford making three defeats on the trot,will they bring in someone to save us with ten games to go? No,is my theory.,whereas last season HR was brought in with only three games.Rob Wildey feels Ren and Dein are going nowhere and that?s his belief.My belief is that they will go at the end of May along with the rest of our hierarchy.League One is not for them.If they were determined not to be relegated they would have added to the squad in January and contingency plans put in place to replace our woeful manager with a minimum of 12 games to go. We shall see.

  • We shall see indeed,you could be spot on. I don’t know what to think about the intentions of TTA to be honest. Sacking HR for SC baffled me so much I still find myself confused. So that is my starting point, one of confusion, every time I try to understand their intentions. My conclusion is this though, and it may surprise you. If TTA sell it will be good for us to have a clean slate with new owners ? who will hopefully turn things around with positive footballing decisions. Regarding the manager, if we stay up sack SC the next day. If we get relegated keep SC as he is one of the better lower league managers in England, and will probably get us promotion first time of asking, and if he does then sack him, as the Championship is asking too much of him. I know I can’t believe i’m praising SC, but in football terms it makes sense. To me anyway!

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